Good Customer Service is the New Black for Hair Businesses By Kerry Hines

We all have stories and thoughts to share. This one is by one of our customers – Kerry Hines, who talks about how customer service is the differentiator when it comes to adding profits.This article is taken from Kerry Hines blog post.

Kerry Hines has written the definitive book on How to Get Rich in the Hair Business.  He also hosts the radio broadcast about hair, “The Hair Radio Morning Show”.  

When we say Good Customer Service is the New Black, ‘the new black’.. is referring to being ‘in the black’ as in making a profit to your bottom line. Not being in the red.  This really boils down to professionalism at the highest degree and good customer service is really born out of that. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that good customer service is the true cornerstone for any successful business, hair or otherwise.

You would think this is a no-brainer, wouldn’t you?  If you care about your business and want it to thrive than you have to not only invest in the physicality of your business, ie. buildings, chairs, etc. and the best staffing but also cultivating a great customer relationship.  This can be a challenge in a busy bustling hair salon or barbershop.  And if you agree with me, let’s also say that just because it’s a busy shop does not excuse the fact of providing poor customer service.  The good news is that if it’s a busy shop that’s usually reflective of the fact that they are doing something right!

My favorite correlation of good customer service and the professional hair technician is being on-time for clients’ hair appointments.  Also, the hair technician should be in welcoming position at least thirty minutes prior to early morning appointments.  My secret to success is using an appointment service. They’ve helped me craft an air of greatness with the clients.  It’s been a big affordable help and I’ve got a great referral.

There are many components that figure into a successful hair business that is ‘the new black  Good Customer Service is Always in Fashion!  Can’t we can also say that when it comes to the awful feeling that poor customer service creates, you can always remember exactly where you were and what you were doing.   As I mentioned earlier, the lack of professionalism and poor customer service usually go hand in hand.  The problem, though, is the feeling of  poor treatment is seems so pervasive, we don’t even bother to expect anything else.  Have we become a very jaded society?  Do we not believe that we should expect a certain level of kindness when it comes to business exchanges?  Have we just given up and should we just throw our hands in the air?  Absolutely not!  We must continue to fight the good fight!

We must create the kind of service that we desire?  Here are a few steps that we can share with our hair technician.  First, have discussions built around service excellence.  Each hair facility should declare their commitment to customer service with a bullhorn or wall posting.  They should also offer loyalty programs and have regular surprise ideas that will keep the clients feeling engaged.  And, of course, you should expect recognition on your birthday and or other milestones in your life.  The hair facility should have all of that information on file.

The second point should be to let your feelings be known.  If you feel like you’ve been slighted, let your hair technician know.  I completely understand, I had been going to a shop for many years and somehow I started to feel like I was being taken for granted.  No one wants to feel like they are part of the wallpaper.

Third, you should be engaged, as we mentioned earlier.  You should not only be revealing layers of your own personality to the hair technician but also he or she should be doing the same.  The objective is to get to know each other as that is what creates the bond.

How do these ideas translate to being the new black?  Well, unless we can get all of the folks out there to read this article, unfortunately, there will be another brush with poor customer service but think in your mind that you’re unhappy now (in that moment) and they will be unhappy later when they see the bottom line.  Good customer service IS the new black.

I promised I’d always take a moment to let the companies that I interact with know when they’ve missed the mark and to rush to acknowledge when they’ve knocked good customer service out of the ballpark.

Many thanks to the wonderful folks at from us at and Amazing service!


It’s the 4th of July – Celebrate freedom with Appointy!

Happy Independence day. This week we celebrate freedom!

Celebrate freedom with Appointy

Celebrate freedom with Appointy

Every business owner deserves the freedom to pursue his or her passions. Freedom from the many daily chores involved in running a business. Freedom from spending hours on end scheduling, following up and coordinating with customers. Freedom that lets you focus on what matters most – your customers!

This week, we celebrate freedom. We at Appointy are giving you the freedom to choose what’s best for your business with our 60 day money back guarantee – NO questions asked. In fact, it’s so simple, you can do it yourself. You don’t even need to inform us. What’s more, you get a FREE 2 month extension of your subscription if you pay annually. This is a limited period offer. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, signup, tell your friends, and celebrate freedom with Appointy!

Happy 4th of July

The Appointy Team

Happy New Year 2015!


Looking back at 2014, we are struck by how incredible an year it has been! We started the year by being one of the top 16 technology start-ups at Microsoft Accelerator Program. During the year, we pushed 2 updates including Appointy 6.0, arguably our most comprehensive software update yet. We ended the year by shifting our base to California.

The year 2015 is exciting for us as we have a number of important updates lined up for you, starting with a fresh website in early January. We are also on track to bring significant software updates during the year making sure Appointy remains one of the most flexible and powerful online scheduling solutions on the planet. A new mobile app for both Android and iOS is also in development.

In 2015, we would like to re-affirm our commitment to helping you grow your business and reach new heights of success.

We take great pleasure in wishing all our customers a happy and prosperous new year 2015!


Entire Appointy Team

Appointy – Free from Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability

Hello Everyone,

As Chief Technical Officer, I wanted to update you about our response to HeartBleed OpenSSL vulnerability.

More details of the bug here:

Our server infrastructure does not use OpenSSL and were always free from HeartBleed OpenSSL vulnerability.

It can be validated here:

If you have any concerns or queries related to Appointy security, please write to us at


Khushal Patel | CTO
A P P O I N T Y   I N C

All you wanted to know about Appointy 4.0

Appointy 4.0 is our next upgrade coming up this month. It includes over 100 optimizations with a new completely revamped Client Booking interface. Your clients are going to love you even more!

Smart UI

With Appointy 4.0 we have thought of every detail. We have reduced the overall booking time while adding animated effects, to provide your customers with a more dynamic  looking scheduling app.

The new look is cleaner and able to display more information to your clients. For example, when a Discount Coupon is sent in URL (online), an icon next to Service, Staff, or Time will be displayed where the Discount Coupon can be applied.

Smart Scroll

We have removed all the traditional thick scroll bars and replaced them with smart sleek scrolls that will be displayed only when needed.

Smart Hovering

Hovering your mouse over any Service for half a second or selecting a Service will popup a description of the Service.


Smart Popups

Hovering your mouse on an available Time will open a smart popup, which will provide more information about the appointment to be booked. For example, in back-to-back a booking client can see the start time and staff name for each Service to be booked.

Elegant Views

A cleaner Month View interface that shows month name when hovering your mouse over any date. This is definitely going to save your customers a lot of time during booking. Also, a much improved Group Booking for classes and events. “Number of seats” left is better placed and more readable.

Improved and much more user friendly Customer Registration screen to reduce their time and efforts.

New Email Designer

Create beautiful email templates in less than 2 minutes. We brainstormed and compared Appointy’s email designer with various dedicated email marketing tools available in the market, thus created a unique and better designer that helps you develop beautiful templates with minimum efforts. Here is how it works:

  1. Select a basic template.
  2. Select a ready-to-use header image.
  3. Create a discount coupon directly inside the template, and attach it.
  4. Send this email to all or existing customer circles; like Happy, Unhappy or Inactive customers.


  1. Create a deal from the deal notification section and click NEXT.
  2. After promoting your deal on social platforms, a new option to promote a deal in circle will come up with a ready-to-send template attached. Edit your template or just send it to all or existing customer circles; like Happy, Unhappy or Inactive customers.

Creating a deal and promoting to your clients got a whole lot easier with our new interface.
What else? You can also track who opened or clicked your email and even booked this deal.

Smart Settings

Appointy now supports over 100 different verticals (business industries) and with the addition of each new setting, the interface was getting a little difficult to use. With this upgrade, we are introducing a “Setting Search” feature, which will allow you to search for a setting instead of remembering the location. For example, searching for “staff” will bring all settings related to staff.


Improved & more powerful Business hours settings

Updating business hours is now even easier than before.


How many times, you wanted to add the price of a service based on different selections? Or wanted to sell add-on products at the time of the Appointment? Well, now you can do that with Appointy 4.0!

There are many other minor optimizations that will not go unnoticed. We are collecting your feedback and will be implementing them before we go live. Please send us your comments and feedback to

Reduce your scheduling efforts & grow exponentially with Appointy’s real-time notifications

We understand that a business like yours needs important information quickly and to the point. You want to know about each and every of your customer, appointments or your resources without much hassle. That’s exactly why we designed real-time notifications.


Don’t you like real-time notifications in Facebook? All of your friend’s latest posts, comments or new friend requests are available to you as soon as it happens. Facebook has brought all your important information upfront which has made your social life much more interesting.

All your important business information like, new bookings, cancelled or rescheduled appointments, new customers or reviews will be available in real-time. With every important information, a single action would be attached that would help in growing your business.

All this happens in real-time. You will not need to refresh your page again.


5 types of Notification Icons


As soon as you would log in  you will see 5 notification icons on the top right of your browser window. These 5 icons will bring important information that needs attention.




Current Appointments – It shows how many customers are coming or will be going at any point of time during the day.

You can mark attendance of your coming customers or ask for a review from going customers.

Why to mark attendance?

For incoming customers, you see an option to mark their attendance. You can set the status of each appointment to “As scheduled”, “Came late” or “No show” etc. These statuses can help you in learning your customer behavior and taking steps to improve your business in future. For example, you can generate report to see how much dollars in total were lost due to customer no-show in a given time frame.

Why to ask for a review?

Unhappy/Angry customer will always search for you online and would try everything to ruin your online reputation. Taking positive reviews is an art. As soon as a customer comes to pay after service, he can be asked to post a review. A happy customer would love to leave a feedback if asked at the right time. After writing a review, Appointy also gives your customer an option to post the review on his Facebook profile and Twitter acting as a kind of personal recommendation to your business.



Booking Notifications

Booking Notifications – It shows new bookings, reschedules or cancellations as it happens.

Single action attached against each notification.

Depending on the type of notification, the action is shown. Unapproved bookings will see a button to approve appointments, last minute cancelled or rescheduled booking will see an option to create last minute deal that can be promoted across social networking channels or through email with a single click.

Various icons to tell you more about your customer.

Appointy shows various icons to tell more about such customers. You will know,

  • How was the booking made?
  • Did customer turned up for his last appointment?
  • Any custom information submitted by the customer.
  • If the customer is also a fan of your business page.
  • If the customer is happy or unhappy based on his last feedback.




New Customers – It shows new customers as they book.

Visualize your customer before they appear

Appointy can automatically pull image of your customer from your customer’s Facebook. By default, the image is always public unless someone chooses to hide it. With this feature, you would be able to see 60% of your customers before they will actually visit you.

Various icons to tell you more about your customer.

Appointy shows various icons to tell more about such customers. You will know,

  • From where the customer found you?
  • Customer’s contact information.
  • From which device the customer has booked an appointment.




Latest Reviews – Reviews as they are received.

Turn reviews in personal recommendations

Reviews help you in building a strong online credibility of your business that brings you new customer overtime.

Appointy gives your customer an option to promote their review on their Facebook and twitter profile. These reviews look like a kind of personal recommendation to your business.

Did you ever think of promoting an awesome review to your existing clients?

Once you get an awesome review that has already been promoted on client’s social networking channels, you as a business owner gets an option to make a shout of this awesome review on your business Facebook page to your existing clients. With a single click, new reviews can be posted.

Address negative reviews and show your customers that you love them.

It is really impossible to make each and every of your customer happy. Some customers might leave a negative review that destroys your online reputation if not addressed on time.

Appointy gives you an option to reply to a negative reply in public. New customers see your company as a customer friendly company and ignore such negative reviews. They feel like customer satisfaction is your priority and won’t mind trying your service.


Active Promotions

Fill gaps in your schedule by creating quick deals. This is one of the most interesting notification icon and we would want you to try it yourself to see how it works. You are gonna love it!  :)