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Appointy Blog : Fresh Look and More Social

For the last few months we were concentrating on making Appointy more social. In the coming months you will see more viral channels to promote your business automatically.

We have decided to get a fresh new look for our blog with new social channels as we will be releasing new changes in every week or so.

Here are some of the new things you will notice.

1. Improved CSS with clean design.
2. “Sharing is caring” feature which will allow you to share the article on your social channels.
3. Retweet feature which will allow you to retweet the post on your twitter.
4. Comment section (Powered by DISQUS): From now you would be able to post comments, share comments and subscribe to comments. You need not to create an account on our blog but instead you can login using your twitter or disqus account and post your message.
5. Background with some cool vector effects.

I hope you would like it and will appreciate your feedback. Thank you.