Appointy’s Handpicked WordPress Plugins

WordPress is the best CMS till date and will always be on top. Our love for wordpress increases daily as we continue to find the hidden secrets of it. I decided to post awesome Free WordPress Plugins which we are using on Appointy Blog.

For our blog, we wanted plug-ins which can achieve the following:
1. Can update social networks as soon as we post them.
2. Can track people.
3. Can help our readers to re post them on their social network profiles.
4. Can help our readers to comment and get updates as soon as someone else posts a new comment.
5. Can block spam.
6. Can make it mobile friendly.
7. Which allows us to schedule appointments with our clients.

Here is the list of Plug-ins (in alphabetical order) which helped us to achieve our target.

1. Appointy Plugin – We are a customer centric company and helps each client to get the most out of Appointy. We use our own product to schedule appointments with clients and does a one on one screen sharing session with them.

2. Akismet – Default plug-in which comes with wordpress is very effective and blocks about 99.9% of the spams.

3. Disqus Comment System – Great plugin which almost does everything in comments section which wordpress team forget to develop. It provides, subscribe to comments section, login using social profile and cool looks.

4. Google Analytics for WordPress – Google analytics is the most powerful analytics software available for free. This plugin writes the Google analytics JavaScript code automatically to each page.

5. Make me Social – This plugin post our blogs instantly to twitter, stumbleupon, tumblr etc as soon as we publish them. Still into development and had to go ahead way miles ahead but still its a good plugin and I hope the author would continue the development and add more social networks soon.

6. Mobile Press – This plugin made us mobile. If you will open http://blog.appointy.com from your mobile then it would open a mobile version of our blog.

7. RSS Cloud – Newest wordpress concept and strategy. Allows our blog to list in real time.

8. Sexy Bookmarks – The icons which you see below each article is provided by this great plugin. Very cool and it has added a cool look to our blog. Really love it.

9. TweetMeme Button – It allows our readers to re-tweet and spread our word infinitely on twitter.

If you think we have missed any plugin which can benefit us then please post us a comment and we will try it.