Officially Live : Event Booking System

Register for our Event Booking System now. Its Free!

Appointy’s vision is to allow every kind of business to schedule an Appointment with their clients, Whether it be a resource booking or event booking. It can be a salon, a yoga class, hotel rooms or even movie theatre.

Appointy already have resource booking system and now it is being used by thousands of businesses around the world. Today, we are stepping forward and has released our Event Booking System which will allow classes, parties, concerts etc to accept bookings.

Try our Event Booking demo here.

Note: We have only started basic functionalities of Event Booking System. In the coming few days we will continue to add features as follows:

1. Purchase SMS for reminder alerts: For now we are giving 50 credits to new signups and by the time it would consume we will start it.
2. Mashups section: Linking with Google calendar and others have been disabled. It will be launched within 2 weeks.
3. Membership option: We have not started any membership option yet. We will roll this feature in the coming month.