WordPress Plug-in: Facebook share button with count like tweetmeme button

Releasing today, Facebook share plug-in for WordPress which shows the number of times the post or page has been shared through out the Facebook just like tweetmeme button does for twitter.

fbshareThis is how it looks on your blog (See on the left). Click here to download or to know more about this plug-in.

Sharing content on Facebook hasn’t generally been as easy as it has been on Twitter. Part of Twitter’s advantage is just how easy it is to share from blogs and other websites. A lot of this has to do with the Tweetmeme buttons, which are those Twitterbuttons you see on Mashable and elsewhere that count up how many retweets a webpage experiences. Facebook’s never really had an equivalent. Until now.

Quietly the world’s largest social network has been working on a new version of Facebook Share, one that includes buttons that can count the amount of shares a specific article gets across Facebook’s vast platform. They launched it officially on 26th Oct 2009, though you’ve probably already seen them being tested on a few websites, including Mashable, during the last week or so.

At Appointy, we realized the potential of new Facebook Share button and added the button to our blog. We put some extra efforts and created a WordPress plug-in so everyone can benefit from it.

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This post is a part of Appointy Lab release: At Appointy, we, a bunch of nerds, are constantly tinkering around with technology. Sometimes, our experiments make it into our products (in some shape or form). We thought to put some extra efforts and release some useful products for our friends like you.