Multiple service booking with Appointy

Appointy is the only appointment booking system which allows multiple service booking. Your clients can select 2 services at the same time and Appointy will find the available time when those services can be performed in a row. These 2 different services can also be performed by 2 different staff.

Different industry are using it in a different way:

  • Salons are using it for allowing clients to book multiple services like Hair cut and then hair color.
  • Home inspection services are creating multiple categories like “Basic” category and “Additional cost” category. See an example below


If I want to schedule a home inspection then as a client I will click on $300 flat rate inspection and I will select “Over 25 years old” as I am :).

Appointy is a very generalized software and soon we will bring more examples of how other businesses are using it. If you have done something creative like this by tweaking Appointy then please let us know (contact@appointy.com) and we would be happy to feature your business here.