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Appointy’s Affiliate Program – Everything you need to know!

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Did you know that the estimated value of the appointment software scheduling market in 2026 is USD 546.31 million?!

If you are acquainted with the scheduling industry, this number won’t come as a surprise to you. Growing businesses require a scalable solution that manages their business operations and reduces admin work.

The emergence of COVID-19 in 2020 has further increased the demand for online appointment booking software, owing to the shift of business operations to online platforms and the adoption of the work-from-home culture.

Appointy is a cloud-based scheduling software that helps professionals and businesses to manage their scheduling activities and routines. It is trusted by 200,000+ customers in over 110 countries.

The solution can be tailored to suit businesses across industries such as healthcare and wellness, education, medicine, professional services, and many more.

Now, if you are wondering whether Appointy has an affiliate program, then the answer is a big ‘YES!’, and we are here to tell you why you would love to join our referral community.

Appointy’s Affiliate Program

Now that you know a bit about Appointy, let’s talk about why this is one of the best SaaS affiliate programs to join in 2022, how you can make money through it, and many other benefits.

A. High earning potential

Ours is a high-paying affiliate program that offers a 30% commission for each paid customer. This number may change, i.e. if we feel that your website has the potential to get more clients with better resources, then we are certainly willing to negotiate and increase the commissions.

B. Recurring commission

Appointy Affiliates earn a recurring commission instead of a one-time payout. This means that when someone you refer to us subscribes for our paid plan, you’ll earn commissions not only on the initial sale but also on every recurring payment they make.

So if you perform well in the first few months, you can sit back and enjoy all the benefits coming with this opportunity – even when you are unable to get any new sign-ups.

C. Other benefits

Appointy’s affiliate program has been listed in the top 25+ SaaS affiliate programs.

The program comes with other exciting benefits like:

  1. No cap on commissions – There is no limit to your earnings, keep bringing more customers and increasing your commissions!
  2. 60 days long cookie lifetime – If your referral doesn’t sign up on their first visit, but comes back within 60 days to sign up, you will still earn a commission from them.
  3. Earn an additional one-time bonus worth $100 if you refer 10 or more customers in the first month of you joining our program. 
  4. Appointy values their affiliates and so we are always ready with our support team if you require any help. We will also provide you with marketing resources to help you earn higher profits. 

D. Who is a good fit?

Our free Affiliate Program is perfect for bloggers, content creators, website owners, industry influencers, web developers, business coaches, and industries like wellness, photography, health and fitness, automotive, financial services, etc. interested in promoting Appointy.

Since Appointy caters its product to many industries, we have a lot of diversity in our client base. Nearly any business can be our customer, so regardless of which industry you work in, you can be our affiliate!

Why Appointy is an effortless sell

Now that you know about our affiliate program, you must be wondering if you’d be able to sell our product easily. Why not? Let us tell you why businesses prefer Appointy, and how you can help other businesses by becoming our affiliate.

A. Attract more clients

Enhance businesses’ online visibility and increase engagement with their clients on platforms like Google, Facebook, or Instagram! Appointy’s booking integrations help to leverage the power of social media and get more clients.

B. Manage the business

Enhances productivity by smartly managing staff, and allocating appointments to the freest or the busiest resource accordingly.

With Appointy’s intelligent CRM, businesses can understand their customers better.

C. Automate scheduling

Saves time and reduces human errors in the booking process. Allows adding booking rules to allot services to the freest or the busiest resource.

D. Elevate client experience

With automated booking comes freedom from back and forth emails. Clients can book appointments outside business hours as well. Appointy also lets the admin store clients’ preferences and allows them to deliver a personalized experience on every visit.

E. The key features of Appointy include:

  • Send automated email/SMS reminders
  • Integrate with social media
  • Sync personal calendars
  • Amp up omnichannel marketing
  • Allow customers to cancel/reschedule appointments
  • Generate reports and study business analytics
  • Accept online pre-payments
  • Help businesses have a Reserve with Google listing
  • Create gift cards, deals, and much more.

Final thoughts

Our affiliate program is a great way for anyone to generate a passive, recurring income. And what’s more, anyone can join. 

A. How to join our affiliate program?

  1. To join the program, send us a program joining request on ShareASale.
  2. We will review your request to join ShareASale and Appointy’s affiliate program.
  3. Once approved, you’ll have access to your affiliate link, banners, and text links.
  4. Here’s our affiliate recruitment URL: and Appointy

B. How can you start selling Appointy?

  1. Upon signing up as our affiliate, you will receive an affiliate link. This link will track and record the sign-ups and traffic that you bring to our website.
  2. You should place these links at all major interaction points you have with your audience (such as on your website, blog, Facebook page, Instagram page, etc.)
  3. Using clickable images (or even one of our banners) on your website is yet another option.
  4. You can also place links in content upgrades (such as online courses, ebooks, white papers, etc.). This way, even if they don’t sign up, you will get their emails and you can contact them later.

After some success, even if you are unable to get new sign-ups, you will continue to earn with next to no effort! If the customer you get us stays, we pay!

So what are you waiting for?

Join us in our affiliate program and start earning big bucks!

Elevator Pitches

To make it easy for you to talk to your prospects, we have come up with a few elevator pitch examples!

  • Tired of playing ping-pong with your emails to schedule an appointment? Try Appointy and let your clients select a time that works best for both of you!
  • Avoid late arrivals and no-shows, and increase staff productivity with Appointy’s automatic text and email reminders.
  • Please your clients by offering a convenient and professional way to book appointments.
  • Do you know that over 55% of bookings are made outside business hours? Try Appointy and allow customers to schedule their appointments anytime, anywhere within mere seconds!
  • Never lose another client because your staff was too busy. Sign up to Appointy and manage your staff schedules smartly.

About Appointy

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