Appointy Alpha Launch

Hello Everybody,

I am Nemesh from Appointy :). If you are reading this then you are probably interested in Appointy and its development.

We have been working hard on Appointy since last 1 year and in few days we would finally go live. (For now we are open for family and friends.) If you are too eager to test then drop us an email at [alpha @ appointy dot com] and we would send you an invitation to test Appointy.

Here is a quick peek at Appointy:

Imagine you want a hair cut, you search for “haircut @ 10 AM in miami beach, florida” and the system fetches all the salons available at 10 AM in miami beach, florida. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can search and book an appointment instantly?

Appointy is not limited to salons but it would work for 1-1 services (e.g. Doctors, Dentists, Salons, Spas etc), 1-N services (e.g. Coaching Classes etc) and N-N services (e.g. Theatres, Hotel table booking etc). It is intelligently built and salon’s system would be different from Coaching booking system.

So if you are a business owner then make sure to register yourself in our search engine. Registration would not only add value to your business but it would also give you a free advanced appointment management system from where you and your clients would be able to book appointments without worrying about synchronization. This is just a small glimpse of Appointy and there are lot many features which we have developed just to make your life easier. So try it and please take sometime to send us a feedback to make it better.

This is Pre Alpha Release and we are constantly working to add more features. Please tell us how we can improve and what features you want to see.

Shoot us an email at [suggestions @ appointy dot com]