Introduction, Launch

Introduction to People behind Appointy

So finally Appointy is live and I would like to introduce the people who are working non-stop to build some great tools to boost your business. We have started this company with a vision to bring the benefits of web2.0 and social networking to small and medium businesses. Here’s an introduction of people behind it

Nemesh (Founder & CEO): He is responsible for creating strategies for promoting your business. He has great leadership skills and no one know how he is always energetic even at 3:00 AM in the morning. He loves fitness and after office you will find him in Gym. He works till late hours and gets up early just to make your business more profitable. His posts would generally tell you the strategies Appointy would be using to promote your business

Khushal Patel (CTO): He is the chief architect and is the man behind the technology you use to schedule appointments. He never says no to anything. So if you have any feature which you want to see in Appointy then you can sure that this guy will do it for you. His articles would explain you the technology and solutions we did to develop Appointy.

Rajesh(Javascript Ninja): He is surely a Ninja. Superfast coder and one of the best JavaScript programmer in the world. He bought the feel good factor which your customers must have experienced in booking an appointment with you. He is uninsurable. He would be posting JavaScript and CSS hacks to make it work in all browsers.

Puneet(Sr. Software Developer): Cute boy who is responsible for securing your database. He loves Ferrari and he is definitely going to buy it. His posts would mainly focus on database and .NET programming.

Lokesh(Software Developer): He is responsible for testing everything. He joined us for his interns and then never left us. Cool and stylish guy. Always wears black goggles.

Apart from these we have other affiliates and external people working part time to provide the best possible service to our clients.

We love to talk and look forward to talk to you soon. Please feel free to contact us for any queries you may have at contact[at]appointy[dot]com