Appointy’s style…What do you think?

Hola, I am Gabriela Lechin. This is my first post and I am thrilled to present my thoughts.

Today we have released the new and latest version of the Appointy’s website. We designed about 3 previous concepts but were not satisfied until our fourth try, which you will be able to find online today.  Appointy is an easy but far from simple appointment mgmt. system. It is much, much more than what meets the eye, so we needed to design it in such a way that it would be understandable to all.  

The Challenge:

1. Our main and most difficult challenge was designing the homepage. Appointy has lots of concepts and features grouped into one entity. In its simplest form, Appointy is an appointment mgmt. system capable to grow your business exponentially, by spreading your word-of-mouth publicity. It is also a search engine, where visitors can search and book appointments in their area instantly. And ultimately, Appointy’s viral marketing tools, which are the key to your business marketing success.

2. Appointy’s iconic image, which can be used to describe various Appointy features and concepts; friendly with great style, but at the same time versatile and easy to work with.

3. Combining vector, PSD and HTML image files, making them work together as one.


1. After many discussions with the Appointy team we created the main page, which describes that Appointy is an appointment mgmt. system with the use of calendar image on top and the text explains how it will help you grow your business exponentially.

2. We added the yellow buddy (or as we call it in-house, the “yellow dude”), which will be used as an icon for Appointy.  We created various drafts to link this icon with the concept. I hope it will help you understand a little better about Appointy.

3. We think that Appointy is an innovative but classic concept, which integrates a lot more than what the eye can see. We wanted to bring this concept to the design process and give this look the header. So we used the Appointy corporate colors purple with image and vector elements hanging around and outside the banner, giving it a classic touch with the feel or being bigger than the standard mold. You can also see air blowing behind the calendar. With this we wanted to represent our concept of constant development and moving forward. Nothing stays still in Appointy, we are always moving forward.

Visitor’s first impression:

We showed the first look to our existing clients and the feedback was “WOW”. This is what everybody likes to hear after so much of hard work and so many late, late nights behind the computer.

How do you like the site? Please post your feedback as comments; we are always looking to improve and to move forward.