Launch, New features

Appointy goes Premium

Finally, the wait is over. We have come up with lots of new features which would make your life easier than before. When we started with Appointy we had various things in mind which could help anyone to manage and market their business. The idea is finally taking shape. We have just started and there are lot more features coming.

Some of the new feature Hightlights:

1. Reschedule appointments from one day to another by dragging the Appointment over any date on month view on the side bar.

2. Custom Forms – Ask your clients to enter some custom information at the time of booking. Earlier there was just one option. Now you can have many fields and each field can be mandatory.

3. New payment gateway – Authorize.NET

4. Custom Emails – Add additional information to emails sent after confirmed booking, unapproved booking, and on rescheduling etc. All these emails would go from your email address, so your clients can now reply to your email.

5. Premium Memberships – We have introduced 2 new paid memberships, PLUS and PRO. Click here to compare these memberships.

6. Custom background – Now you can have your custom background on your calendar. For personal account you can upload your image or for business you can upload related image to give more credibility and feel of your business.

7. ICAL Support – Now you can subscribe directly to your appointment feeds. You can synchronize it with calendaring desktop tools like windows calendar, Outlook, Apple ICal or any other program which supports ICal format.

8. Reports – We have just introduced a basic report which tell about your financials between a date range. More reports coming soon.

9. Better integration on your website – Now you can further reduce the size of your Appointy Iframe window to 560px. We have reduced the size of login window and it looks better than before.

We thank everybody who gave their valuable suggestions and we want to thank them by giving them a life time discount value. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your discount code. Please email us at

Soon, we will have a milestone page where you would be able to see the upcoming features and can request new features.

Please send your feedback at and we would publish your feedbacks on our site.

Thank you once again for all your support.