What you think about Appointy!

There are lot of things happening here at Appointy and we are amazed and thankful to everyone for giving us such a great response. I am pasting some of the extracts of what people are saying:

“I am actually very impressed with the appointy scheduling software. So far it is probably the best appointment software out there for our needs and I would like to test it out on our site.”

Jonathan Wolinsky
The JunkLuggers

“Wow! Thank you for such a fast and friendly response. If there is ONE thing that can make companies stand out here in the U.S., it’s great customer service/customer attention. This doesn’t mean, of course, that the ‘customer is always right’, as the cliche’ tells us, but it seems so easy to stand out in a positive way when people are nice, they listen, and they work with their customers rather than against them. I suppose this can become more difficult to keep in control as a company grows, but those who figure it out are sure to go far. Thank you for your response. “


“I set up Appointy account just to get used to the process of doing it and to see how it works; your system is really well done, and we are very likely to use/integrate it in the future for our clients.”

Rodrigo Flores
Stagecoach Designs

“This looks like a very cool service. I will buy some SMS credits on the new account.”

Jon Fox
12thharmonic Blog

These are just a few of them. We have over hundreds of appraisals and we will try to publish all of them ASAP. In the meantime, if you also have something to say then please email us at contact@appointy.com.