Appointy features, Silently rolled out last week.

Today, we got an email from a client who asked that if we are still active or not? This reminded me that we were so busy in bringing more features that we actually forgot to send updates to our clients. With your feedbacks, Appointy is now the most powerful scheduling software and now we are launching few features which would make Appointy, the most powerful marketing tool for all Businesses. We are all set with it and next month we will bring all those features in Beta. So wait for the grand re-launch of Appointy 2.0.

In the mean time, we would like to remind you about the features we have rolled out silently. Many of you might have already seen or used those features. If not then here is a quick review:

1. Better Dynamic Forms: We have added more controls to dynamic forms like Radio buttons and check boxes. You can now set to save client’s custom form data which can auto fill during their next appointment. For ex. One of our client which is a Dog grooming company asks their clients to enter their Dog’s details during booking. During next booking their client can either select old information or they can schedule service for their new dog. We are working on many reports which will also help you to filter records based on these forms also.

2. Improved Navigation: We have changed the Top Menus in admin area. Now you can reach any page directly without opening the main Menu. Mouse hovering any menu will pop a drop-down menu making it more easy to navigate.

3. Improved Email Marketing with various new filters: You can email your friends on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and others. You can import data from csv file or send emails to your clients on Appointy. These clients can also be filtered on various criteria. Within 2 weeks, we will add more search criteria.

4. Improved Client invite tool : Just check it to see it. In 2 weeks it will link to your Email marketing templates and you can create custom invite templates and send it to your clients.

We will try to update you as soon as we release more features. There are tons of features coming. Stay tuned for our grand re-launch with lots of features. 🙂