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Appointy + Google Apps with Google Calendar = Better Organizing

Do you use Google Apps? Appointy is now a part of Google Apps too.

Life is becoming so fast that the flow of information has increased tremendously and our hard disk (brain) which has limited capacity, cannot keep the information for a long time. In old days people used to keep personal diaries to manage themselves. Today, Google calendar along with mobile synchronization has replaced the old traditional diaries. The difference is the push technology which can notify user rather than user opening his diary daily and checking informations. Google calendar has really emerged as the best organizing tool.

Google calendar replaced your diaries but there was still something missing. Isn’t it? ย What if the your client himself can come, see the empty times in your diary and fill their information. Wouldn’t it be great?

Yes, Appointy does the same. Appointy is now linked to Google Apps and it will extend your Google calendar further to take Appointments from your clients. Your clients will take appointment on Appointy and Appointy will update your Google calendar in real-time. Similary, any personal event you will book on Google calendar will be marked as Blocked on Appointy. ย Each staff on Appointy can link their Google calendar with their respective accounts.

Please follow the steps to link Appointy with your Google Apps account.

1. Go to


2. Click on Add it now an enter your Google App domain. e.g.

3. Follow the steps to complete your linking.

4. Once installed in Google Apps account, you will find a link in your Google Apps Email from where you can directly login into Appointy.


The value of personal Calendar just went up. ๐Ÿ™‚

We are working on Google’s other API as well and in future you will see tight integration of Appointy with other Google Apps applications. If you have any suggestions or questions then please feel free to contact us at

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