Launch, New features

Appointy 2.0 Launched

Its exactly 2 months and 20 days since our last blog post. We were silently working on Appointy 2.0 and it is now officially in beta.

With Appointy 2.0, our vision was to provide integration with social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter and to come out of Beta. We will be posting videos of  “How to grow your Business virally using Appointy 2.0” and working with some businesses on Appointy to bring you some case studies.  Not only this but we have brought about 30+ new features in Appointy. Here is the recap of Appointy 2.0:

1. Facebook Login: Your clients would not have to create a separate login and now they can login using their Facebook credentials. By default, new registrations will have Facebook Login active. Existing business can login to their admin area and go to SETTINGS–>RULES to activate Facebook login.

2. Let your clients invite their friends: Your clients would be able to invite their friends in their contacts in emails, Facebook or Twitter. Every time a client would book an appointment, an option would be shown to him to invite friends and socialize. Its like telling your friends that you will be visiting a place and ask him to come along. Soon a community of users will start promoting your business. This feature is currently only for paid memberships. Once you upgrade your account you will see a new option SOCIAL PROMOTION in PROMOTE menu.

3. Improved review management: Linked reviews to Facebook and now review given by user will be automatically posted to his Facebook and Twitter account to help you grow your Business.

4.  Internationalization (IP based time zone detection): Now, Appointy will detect timezone automatically of your client and switch times accordingly.

5. Quantity Booking (Booking more than one seat at a time): You can now allow your clients to book more than one seat per appointment. It is beneficial for Businesses accepting more than one appointments at a time.

6. Improved Client Interface: We have improved the detail tab and it now looks more professional.

7. Marketing Dashboard with Activity Tracking: We have build a powerful and graphical dashboard which will tell your performance and would track activities so that you can make decisions for future.

8. New Email Marketing templates: Festival season is coming and we would make sure that you make the best use of this season and improve your sales.

9. Improved over Night booking: We have Appointy intelligent enough to automatically understand over night bookings and deprecated all over night booking settings.

10. Precision scheduling: Now you can open uneven times as per your wish. Also, now you can open times on priority basis. For example: Open 5:00 PM only if 4:00 PM slot is full.

We will be writing more about Appointy 2,0 and would be posting case studies and videos to help you understand it better. Please feel free to ask any question you may have.