Unlike Foursquare, Check-in before you actually go to the Location – Appointy 2.0

Foursquare = Check-in when you are there.
Appointy = Check-in before you are there.

Note: Voice is missing in this video but it is self explanatory. We will upload a new video with voice pretty soon and thank you for watching.

Unlike Foursquare, Appointy allows your clients to check-in even before they actually reach your place and thus increasing the chances of  inviting their friends to your Business.

Difference between foursquare and Appointy.

Appointy for Businesses FourSquare for Businesses
Clients can Pre-book and check-in before Clients can only Check-in from the Location
Sufficient time for friends to react to check-in Finding a friend is by chance
Special discount can be attached to check-ins, for friends Discounts are provided at the location
Real reviews only as it is collected after service Anyone can write To-Dos or reviews
Rewards and discounts only to real loyal clients Social badges and offers to Mayors with most check-ins

So what should you do next? Stop using Foursquare and start using Appointy. No, Start using both. Appointy will allow your clients to check-in before and will provide sufficient time  to invite clients and linking with Foursquare will allow them to check-in when they will be at your location.

So, with both Appointy and Foursquare, a community of people will help you in building your business.

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