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Appointy improving productivity – A case study

“Appointy didn’t just solve our scheduling challenges, it allows our staff to focus their effort on faster, better quality video production. Appointy is saving us time, money, and allowing our staff to work more efficiently for only pennies a day.”

What an amazing and rewarding surprise we found on our e-mail inbox yesterday morning!

We received a video testimonial from an Appointy client, “Southern Channel, Charter Cable – Channel 18”, which made the start of 2012 an absolute bliss. See how is helping clients around the world. We are truly honored by this gesture and could not be more thankful. Days like this encourages everyone at Appointy to race the bar and to succeed our clients’ expectations.

Who would have thought 3 years ago when Appointy began with a small idea but with great expectations, that Appointy would be leading the scheduling software era, with over 19,000 business in 78 countries. It all started in a small bedroom office, in a small town; but we have proven today that big ideas can come from anyone, big success stories can come from anywhere. All you need is a strong determination, a clear vision, and to never loose your principles along the way.


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Deploy a web based scheduling system to a team of over 30 designers, videographers, editors, and reporters in a busy television broadcast environment.

Appointy online scheduling system integrated directly into a WordPress intranet website that allows producers, staff, and external clients to seamlessly schedule channel resources.

  1. Appointy allows our team to get things done faster, more efficiently, and ensures everyone seamlessly works together. Covering more than 3 parishes (counties) the Southeastern Channel’s fast paced – high–‐energy production environment can’t afford scheduling errors. Appointy allows us to ensure every production is completed professionally; with particular attention to ensuring all public interaction represents the high standards expected by the university.
  2. Utilizing Appointy’s state of the art web–‐based resource management and scheduling features we’re always one step ahead. The system is the only one that offers a turn–‐key solution for scheduling, staff resource management, and organization wide calendar synchronization.
  3. Production and support staff all love using Appointy! With its easy to use interface and robust customization features our organization was up and running in less than 30 minutes. Because Appointy is so easy to use scheduling appointments and resources is no longer a chore and the real value of resource management is something our entire organization benefits from.
  4. Appointy is everywhere all the time. A hosted application like Appointy allows our organization to focus on what we do – video production – not manage an IT infrastructure to organize our resources. Even the most novice computer user can quickly orient themselves with Appointy, but when you need help or have questions Appointy’s knowledgeable staff is always quick to respond and eager to help!