Appointy update 2.95 released

With Appointy 2.95, we have tried to change the code logic that would help us in releasing the updates faster in future. Here are a few things that you will notice in 2.95.

Better speed:

  • Appointy became slow for Businesses having 10K+ customers. We have optimized the entire code and now Appointy is much faster and loads under 5 seconds.
  • Improvement in availability search algorithm. It is 5x times faster than before.

Better Design:

  • We have removed the entire header in Admin area and made better use of the space. Things used frequently are brought under bigger tabs for easy access.
  • Client side also has many improvements not visible at first sight but you will realize as you will use.
  • There are many functional changes to the Mobile site.
  • Scheduling from Facebook page got even better and wider.

More powerful Discount feature:

  • Cool new discount’s landing page. Try creating a discount coupon and promote it to yourself. Click on the link to get to the Discount’s landing page. You will definitely love the new animated look.
  • Discount as  a Deal: We have introduced a new setting in discount that will allow you to control the number of bookings. You can use this setting and promote a discount coupon as a deal.
  • Discount Promotion: Single click promotion of discount coupon to all your existing clients through Emails. (Due to technical issues, we have taken this feature for time being. It will be back again soon. But we promise that it would be worth waiting.)

New parameters for Automatic staff selection: When staff selection is not mandatory and based on your Business requirement you would want to allot services based on certain parameters like

  • Most Free Staff based on Time.
  • Most Free Staff based on Number of Appointments.
  • Most Busy Staff based on Time.
  • Most Bust Staff based on Number of Appointments.
  • Custom order
Customer Login using your website credentials: Allow your customers to schedule an appointment on Appointy using your website credentials. No more double log-in for your clients. We have not open this feature for all customers yet.