New features

Introducing real time notifications with Appointy 3.0

Appointy is now the most intelligently designed scheduling software to help you grow your business exponentially!

Appointy has always set a benchmark for scheduling software industry. With Appointy 3.0, we are redefining the scheduling software industry and taking it 2 years ahead from here.

Don’t you like real-time notifications in Facebook? All of your friend’s latest posts, comments or new friend requests are available to you as soon as it happens. Facebook has brought all your important information upfront which has made your social life much more interesting.

We understand that a business like yours needs important information quickly and to the point. You want to know about each and every of your customer, appointments or your resources without much hassle. With Appointy 3.0, we have done the same for your business. All your important business information like new bookings, cancelled or rescheduled appointments, new customers or reviews will be available in real-time. With every important information, a single action would be attached that would help in growing your business.

Introducing real-time notifications in Appointy 3.0. 


All this happens in real-time. You will not need to refresh your page again. 🙂