Reduce your Scheduling Efforts & Grow Exponentially with Appointy’s Real-time Notifications

We understand that a business like yours needs important information quickly and to the point. You want to know about each and every of your customer, appointments or your resources without much hassle. That’s exactly why we designed real-time notifications.


Don’t you like real-time notifications in Facebook? All of your friend’s latest posts, comments or new friend requests are available to you as soon as it happens. Facebook has brought all your important information upfront which has made your social life much more interesting.

All your important business information like, new bookings, cancelled or rescheduled appointments, new customers or reviews will be available in real-time. With every important information, a single action would be attached that would help in growing your business.

All this happens in real-time. You will not need to refresh your page again.


5 types of Notification Icons


As soon as you would log in  you will see 5 notification icons on the top right of your browser window. These 5 icons will bring important information that needs attention.


Current Appointments – It shows how many customers are coming or will be going at any point of time during the day.

You can mark attendance of your coming customers or ask for a review from going customers.

Why to mark attendance?

For incoming customers, you see an option to mark their attendance. You can set the status of each appointment to “As scheduled”, “Came late” or “No show” etc. These statuses can help you in learning your customer behavior and taking steps to improve your business in future. For example, you can generate report to see how much dollars in total were lost due to customer no-show in a given time frame.

Why to ask for a review?

Unhappy/Angry customer will always search for you online and would try everything to ruin your online reputation. Taking positive reviews is an art. As soon as a customer comes to pay after service, he can be asked to post a review. A happy customer would love to leave a feedback if asked at the right time. After writing a review, Appointy also gives your customer an option to post the review on his Facebook profile and Twitter acting as a kind of personal recommendation to your business.

Booking Notifications

Booking Notifications – It shows new bookings, reschedules or cancellations as it happens.

Single action attached against each notification.

Depending on the type of notification, the action is shown. Unapproved bookings will see a button to approve appointments, last minute cancelled or rescheduled booking will see an option to create last minute deal that can be promoted across social networking channels or through email with a single click.

Various icons to tell you more about your customer.

Appointy shows various icons to tell more about such customers. You will know,

  • How was the booking made?
  • Did customer turned up for his last appointment?
  • Any custom information submitted by the customer.
  • If the customer is also a fan of your business page.
  • If the customer is happy or unhappy based on his last feedback.


New Customers – It shows new customers as they book.

Visualize your customer before they appear

Appointy can automatically pull image of your customer from your customer’s Facebook. By default, the image is always public unless someone chooses to hide it. With this feature, you would be able to see 60% of your customers before they will actually visit you.

Various icons to tell you more about your customer.

Appointy shows various icons to tell more about such customers. You will know,

  • From where the customer found you?
  • Customer’s contact information.
  • From which device the customer has booked an appointment.


Latest Reviews – Reviews as they are received.

Turn reviews in personal recommendations

Reviews help you in building a strong online credibility of your business that brings you new customer overtime.

Appointy gives your customer an option to promote their review on their Facebook and twitter profile. These reviews look like a kind of personal recommendation to your business.

Did you ever think of promoting an awesome review to your existing clients?

Once you get an awesome review that has already been promoted on client’s social networking channels, you as a business owner gets an option to make a shout of this awesome review on your business Facebook page to your existing clients. With a single click, new reviews can be posted.

Address negative reviews and show your customers that you love them.

It is really impossible to make each and every of your customer happy. Some customers might leave a negative review that destroys your online reputation if not addressed on time.

Appointy gives you an option to reply to a negative reply in public. New customers see your company as a customer friendly company and ignore such negative reviews. They feel like customer satisfaction is your priority and won’t mind trying your service.

Active Promotions

Fill gaps in your schedule by creating quick deals. This is one of the most interesting notification icon and we would want you to try it yourself to see how it works. You are gonna love it!  🙂