Beautifully designed intelligent analytics for your Business

We are totally excited to announce the launch of our new advanced analytic platform. From today on, you will be able to track and compare crucial metrics of your business on these beautifully designed charts. These charts are not only nice but also practical in providing lots of information about your business over a period of time.


The idea behind the design

At Appointy, we compare our past metrics to improve each day. For example, on the 20th of any month, we would compare the growth made in the past month until the 20th. We had this idea in our minds while we were designing analytics for you. As you can see on the chart, a red dotted line is the past data to compare with current week, month or year.

Understanding the chart

You can compare your business on a Weekly, Monthly or Yearly basis. By default, you will see the current month’s progress compared to the previous month.

On the month view, the blue area is the selected month, and the red dotted line shows the previous month. Same goes for weekly and yearly views.

You can compare your business growth in every aspect: Appointments, Sales, Clients, Customer Satisfaction.

Yearly charts are available to all Business Membership users. Pro Membership allows monthly view for the past 12 months. Plus Membership allows current month chart and weekly chart for the current month.

Whats next?

We are working on advanced analytics, where you will be able to compare individual staff or location’s performance. Appointy’s advanced users have seen a yearly growth of up to 158%. These customers are power users that utilized most of the Appointy’s viral tools smartly. All businesses are different and not all viral channels of Appointy might work the same for everyone. In the future, we’ll link these graphs with your viral strategies executed through Appointy, and compare performance in real-time.

Until then, keep growing your business exponentially!


Appointy Team