All you wanted to know about Appointy 4.0

Appointy 4.0 is our next upgrade coming up this month. It includes over 100 optimizations with a new completely revamped Client Booking interface. Your clients are going to love you even more!

Smart UI

With Appointy 4.0 we have thought of every detail. We have reduced the overall booking time while adding animated effects, to provide your customers with a more dynamic  looking scheduling app.

The new look is cleaner and able to display more information to your clients. For example, when a Discount Coupon is sent in URL (online), an icon next to Service, Staff, or Time will be displayed where the Discount Coupon can be applied.

Smart Scroll

We have removed all the traditional thick scroll bars and replaced them with smart sleek scrolls that will be displayed only when needed.

Smart Hovering

Hovering your mouse over any Service for half a second or selecting a Service will popup a description of the Service.


Smart Popups

Hovering your mouse on an available Time will open a smart popup, which will provide more information about the appointment to be booked. For example, in back-to-back a booking client can see the start time and staff name for each Service to be booked.

Elegant Views

A cleaner Month View interface that shows month name when hovering your mouse over any date. This is definitely going to save your customers a lot of time during booking. Also, a much improved Group Booking for classes and events. “Number of seats” left is better placed and more readable.

Improved and much more user friendly Customer Registration screen to reduce their time and efforts.

New Email Designer

Create beautiful email templates in less than 2 minutes. We brainstormed and compared Appointy’s email designer with various dedicated email marketing tools available in the market, thus created a unique and better designer that helps you develop beautiful templates with minimum efforts. Here is how it works:

  1. Select a basic template.
  2. Select a ready-to-use header image.
  3. Create a discount coupon directly inside the template, and attach it.
  4. Send this email to all or existing customer circles; like Happy, Unhappy or Inactive customers.


  1. Create a deal from the deal notification section and click NEXT.
  2. After promoting your deal on social platforms, a new option to promote a deal in circle will come up with a ready-to-send template attached. Edit your template or just send it to all or existing customer circles; like Happy, Unhappy or Inactive customers.

Creating a deal and promoting to your clients got a whole lot easier with our new interface.
What else? You can also track who opened or clicked your email and even booked this deal.

Smart Settings

Appointy now supports over 100 different verticals (business industries) and with the addition of each new setting, the interface was getting a little difficult to use. With this upgrade, we are introducing a “Setting Search” feature, which will allow you to search for a setting instead of remembering the location. For example, searching for “staff” will bring all settings related to staff.


Improved & more powerful Business hours settings

Updating business hours is now even easier than before.


How many times, you wanted to add the price of a service based on different selections? Or wanted to sell add-on products at the time of the Appointment? Well, now you can do that with Appointy 4.0!

There are many other minor optimizations that will not go unnoticed. We are collecting your feedback and will be implementing them before we go live. Please send us your comments and feedback to contact@appointy.com