Appointy 7.0 – Beautiful. Powerful. Still Simple.

Appointy 7.0 – More powerful than ever before!

Its that time of the year when there is a nip in the air, hues of orange and red start giving way to white, and the average person looks forward to spend some time with family. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas follow in quick succession. However, we all know that for small business owners, it is one of the busiest times of the year. Many owners do more business in these 2-3 months than the entire first half of the year!!

At Appointy, we wanted to do our bit to help these businesses have the best possible end to the year. We have also been soliciting feedback from clients to understand exactly what they are looking for in an online scheduling solution. And our clients obliged. Thankyou!

We listened and we have a number of updates lined up over the next 12 months. And this is just the first installment! We worked hard over these last 2 months to help make this the best holiday season yet. And we can’t wait to show you what we have planned. So here goes nothing!

1.    Gift Certificates 

Did you know that over $100 billion is spent on gift cards annually? Or that 93% of US consumers use a gift card at least once a year? Most customers actually end up spending more than the dollar value of the gift card. Large businesses have always known this fact which is why 97% of them sell gift cards online. On the other hand, only 3% of the small local businesses in the US sell gift cards online. Imagine the lost opportunity!

Appointy allows you to easily create gift cards that are customised for your business and make them available for purchase to your customers. Birthdays, anniversaries, and every little occasion can be celebrated with a gift card!


Manage Gift Certificates

    2.   Resource Scheduling

Many business situations require that scheduling takes into account the availability of more than one resource at a time. For example, you may need to schedule both staff and rooms (and only show open time slots when both are available). Maybe you need to schedule a tennis court and instructor at the same time. Or a parking lot with a loading/ unloading forklift.

Appointy now allows you to maintain the schedule of additional resources (rooms, instruments, facilities). You can control situations where more than one resource is needed to perform an Appointment. Appointy is now more flexible than ever before!

Manage 3rd Resource

    3.    Booking Without Registration

One of the things we hear from our customers was the fact that many of their customers were not repeat customers. Also, in some cases, customers were only given the booking link after their credentials had been verified.

In such cases, the additional authentication step at the time of taking an appointment proved to be an unnecessary inconvenience. And so the option to book without registering was born.

You can now choose to allow your customers to book without creating an account or using facebook/ google authentication. Increased convenience and flexibility helps you control your business better!

Booking without login screen

    4.    iPhone & Android Mobile App

Out of office and need to take a quick appointment on behalf of a client? Or need a quick sneak at the next appointment? Appointy is now available with its own native iPhone App. You can stay on top of your business, no matter where you are.

The Appointy mobile app will be launched in private beta in the first week of December 2015.

Appointy iPhone App

Our Android app is on its way as well, and here is a quick peek at what is on offer. Isn’t it beautiful!

   5.     Receipt Customisation

Many of our clients told us that they needed to be able to change the format of the receipts that are generated and shared with their customers. With the latest version of Appointy, you can now change almost everything that is displayed. It could be the language, the layout or even the name (receipt or invoice). YOU control everything!

Customise receipts

   6.    Revamped Booking Interface

We have made some minor changes to the order confirmation screen in order to make it more intuitive and readable than before. An easier booking process means happy customers and more bookings!

Customer booking screen

We hope you like it!

Thank you.