Good Customer Service is the New Black for Hair Businesses By Kerry Hines

We all have stories and thoughts to share. This one is by one of our customers – Kerry Hines, who talks about how customer service is the differentiator when it comes to adding profits.This article is taken from Kerry Hines blog post.

Kerry Hines has written the definitive book on How to Get Rich in the Hair Business.  He also hosts the radio broadcast about hair, “The Hair Radio Morning Show”.  

When we say Good Customer Service is the New Black, ‘the new black’.. is referring to being ‘in the black’ as in making a profit to your bottom line. Not being in the red.  This really boils down to professionalism at the highest degree and good customer service is really born out of that. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that good customer service is the true cornerstone for any successful business, hair or otherwise.

You would think this is a no-brainer, wouldn’t you?  If you care about your business and want it to thrive than you have to not only invest in the physicality of your business, ie. buildings, chairs, etc. and the best staffing but also cultivating a great customer relationship.  This can be a challenge in a busy bustling hair salon or barbershop.  And if you agree with me, let’s also say that just because it’s a busy shop does not excuse the fact of providing poor customer service.  The good news is that if it’s a busy shop that’s usually reflective of the fact that they are doing something right!

My favorite correlation of good customer service and the professional hair technician is being on-time for clients’ hair appointments.  Also, the hair technician should be in welcoming position at least thirty minutes prior to early morning appointments.  My secret to success is using an appointment service. They’ve helped me craft an air of greatness with the clients.  It’s been a big affordable help and I’ve got a great referral.

There are many components that figure into a successful hair business that is ‘the new black  Good Customer Service is Always in Fashion!  Can’t we can also say that when it comes to the awful feeling that poor customer service creates, you can always remember exactly where you were and what you were doing.   As I mentioned earlier, the lack of professionalism and poor customer service usually go hand in hand.  The problem, though, is the feeling of  poor treatment is seems so pervasive, we don’t even bother to expect anything else.  Have we become a very jaded society?  Do we not believe that we should expect a certain level of kindness when it comes to business exchanges?  Have we just given up and should we just throw our hands in the air?  Absolutely not!  We must continue to fight the good fight!

We must create the kind of service that we desire?  Here are a few steps that we can share with our hair technician.  First, have discussions built around service excellence.  Each hair facility should declare their commitment to customer service with a bullhorn or wall posting.  They should also offer loyalty programs and have regular surprise ideas that will keep the clients feeling engaged.  And, of course, you should expect recognition on your birthday and or other milestones in your life.  The hair facility should have all of that information on file.

The second point should be to let your feelings be known.  If you feel like you’ve been slighted, let your hair technician know.  I completely understand, I had been going to a shop for many years and somehow I started to feel like I was being taken for granted.  No one wants to feel like they are part of the wallpaper.

Third, you should be engaged, as we mentioned earlier.  You should not only be revealing layers of your own personality to the hair technician but also he or she should be doing the same.  The objective is to get to know each other as that is what creates the bond.

How do these ideas translate to being the new black?  Well, unless we can get all of the folks out there to read this article, unfortunately, there will be another brush with poor customer service but think in your mind that you’re unhappy now (in that moment) and they will be unhappy later when they see the bottom line.  Good customer service IS the new black.

I promised I’d always take a moment to let the companies that I interact with know when they’ve missed the mark and to rush to acknowledge when they’ve knocked good customer service out of the ballpark.

Many thanks to the wonderful folks at Appointy.com from us at HaiRadio.com and www.KerryHinesCommunications.com. Amazing service!