It’s the 4th of July – Celebrate freedom with Appointy!

Happy Independence day. This week we celebrate freedom!

Celebrate freedom with Appointy

Celebrate freedom with Appointy

Every business owner deserves the freedom to pursue his or her passions. Freedom from the many daily chores involved in running a business. Freedom from spending hours on end scheduling, following up and coordinating with customers. Freedom that lets you focus on what matters most – your customers!

This week, we celebrate freedom. We at Appointy are giving you the freedom to choose what’s best for your business with our 60 day money back guarantee – NO questions asked. In fact, it’s so simple, you can do it yourself. You don’t even need to inform us. What’s more, you get a FREE 2 month extension of your subscription if you pay annually. This is a limited period offer. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, signup, tell your friends, and celebrate freedom with Appointy!

Happy 4th of July

The Appointy Team