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5 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Gift Card Ideas for Salons/Spas

Looking for some awesome Valentine’s day gift card ideas? 

Say no more! We are at your service. 

Our printable Valentine’s Day gift cards are beautiful, quirky, and super-cute! Trust us, once you put these up on your booking page or in the display, your customers will have a hard time keeping their hands off of them! 

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  1. Why is a gift card the perfect gift for Valentine’s day 2021?
  2. 5 Valentine’s day Gift Card Templates for salons and spas
  3. How to use these templates digitally?
  4. How to print and use these templates?
  5. How to Boost Valentine’s day sales using gift cards?

Why is a gift card the perfect gift for Valentine’s day 2022?

The traditional gifting behavior has changed from giving expensive gifts to providing memorable experiences. In fact, if we talk about people on the receiving end, experiential gifts are the second most desired Valentine’s Day gifts

And good news for you: that’s exactly what you sell – experiences.

As a salon or spa owner, your services like hair treatments, spa sessions, beauty makeovers, or mani-pedis are the best experiences that customers can gift. (Did you know that a spa treatment is now the 3rd most desired gift?

And that’s not it. More than 21% of the entire gift-giving population is planning to give gift cards in 2022

The bottom line: As a salon or spa owner, selling gift cards on Valentine’s day can be a great way for you to make some extra money and attract new customers to your door!

5 Valentine’s day Gift Card Templates for salons and spas 

Valentine’s Day gift certificate templates for everyone: Couples, friends and family, Galentines (BFFs), etc.

 Preview of 4 Valentine’s Day Gift certificates for salon/spa by Appointy

Just fill in your email address to download these super effective gift cards for your spa or salon, absolutely FREE!

How to use these templates digitally? 

1) If you use Appointy salon software,

Follow these simple steps to sell gift certificates through your booking page:

  • Log into the Appointy admin panel.
  • Click on the ‘Marketing’ icon in the toolbar appearing on the left.
  • Go to the ‘Gift Certificates’ tab under the ‘Marketing’ section.
  • Click on the ‘Sell/Manage Gift Certificate’ appearing at the top-right corner of the window.

You can view detailed instructions on how to create gift cards in Appointy from here.

Screenshot of Appointy’s gift certificate feature screen where you can see online details about the gift certificate where admin can manage and create new gift certificates

2) If you use some other salon software 

Contact the support team or visit their help center to understand how you can do it.

3) If you do not use a salon software 

No problem, you can use these templates as suggested below:

And voila! Get ready to get some new customers coming to your spa or salon this Valentine’s week. 

Tip: If you don’t want to miss out on selling gift cards online this Valentine’s week, you can simply sign up with a scheduling tool like Appointy and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

How to print and use these templates?

  • Download these gift card templates from the given link
  • Take a print of the appropriate size
  • Optional: You can use the blank space at the back of the gift card print to get your Terms and Conditions printed. Make sure you mention the ‘gift card value’ and ‘gift card selling price’ both in your terms and conditions.

Note: Make sure that while using the gift cards digitally or taking prints, you use only the original high-quality images. Your gift card should look appealing and premium enough that it could be given as a gift to their loved ones. 

Boost your Valentine’s Day gift card promotions

Gift cards won’t sell themselves. 

On the other hand, a little effort from your end can make them fly off the shelves. To ensure that your customers know that you are offering Valentine’s day gift cards, start putting them in front of their eyes at every possible touchpoint:

1) From where they book appointments – Online/Offline:

Upload the gift cards at your customer-facing interfaces like your booking portal or website. This will allow customers to buy them online at a suitable time or offline through your salon/spa.

If they are usually walk-in or call to book an appointment, make sure your receptionist informs them about the gift cards up for sale. 

2) At the entrance and checkout:

Strategically display your gift cards at the entrances, receptions, and in your spa or salon window display (if you have one), so that anyone who is entering, exiting, or crossing your salon on the street can know about them. You never know your gift cards might catch their eyes, and they might buy one! 

3) During the service:

This is where most upsell often happen. Train your staff that they politely mention gift cards in a casual conversation with their clients.  

Selling gift cards during Valentine’s day is a quick and easy promotion technique. It takes little effort from your end and delivers instant value. 

But that’s not it!

If you want to know what else you can do this Valentine’s day to make more money, check out our 7 Simple Yet Effective Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas For Salons and Spas 

7 Simple Yet Effective Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Salons And Spas

Oh! And don’t forget to tell us all about your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign. We would be eagerly waiting to hear from you! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!❤️

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