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10 Absolutely Free and Printable Gift Certificate Templates to Boost your Holiday Sales

Printable gift certificates with decorative materials

Gift certificates are a great way to get creative with your marketing strategies & can turn out to be a boss money-making move for your business. Not only do they give you an opportunity to upsell your products & manage your inventory, but also a chance to get multiple visits for your services, build rapport with your clients, & even capture new ones!

What’s more? They are trending! About 76% of adults buy at least one gift certificate during holidays & special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. 

Ready to make your own gift certificates? Let’s do it. We bring to you 10 absolutely free gift certificate templates that you can either print or even use digitally! 

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Read on to get some quick insights & tips on how to use your gift certificates.

  1. Why use gift certificates for your business?
  2. Free printable gift certificate templates for special occasions
  3. How to use these gift certificate templates

Why use gift certificates for your business?

Gift certificates offer seamless convenience to both givers & buyers alike. Recipients often have the freedom to choose the products or services they want & people no longer have to go through the dilemma of selection.

From a business perspective, advantages of using gift certificates can include but are not limited to increased sales, improved cash flow, inventory management, more marketing opportunities & a stronger bottom line as a result of unredeemed gift cards.

Adding gift certificates to your marketing mix also enhances customer engagement, encourages repetitive visits, and can easily get new clients to your brand. Moreover, they are a form of cost-effective advertising that can help you create a Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA) for your business. TOMA means that your business or brand is the first thing that comes to mind when people think about a particular product, service, or the perks that you offer.

Here are some facts about gift certificates that you shouldn’t miss: 

  • Gift certificates provide an additional revenue stream for retailers, generating revenue in advance of sales.
  • Many gift cards are not redeemed for their full value so that encourages repeat visits.
  • Many people spend more than the value of the gift certificate. (72% of consumers will spend about 20% more than the value of the gift certificate)

Insightful, right? It is no secret how businesses can benefit by leveraging gift certificates in their marketing initiatives to keep up with the small business & e-commerce trends. Besides, they also make really great last-minute, budget-friendly and thoughtful presents! It’s a win-win.

Free printable gift certificate templates for special occasions

Simply download these modern gift certificate templates & use them for free!

How to use these gift certificate templates

1. Download & print

  • Download the blank gift card templates
  • Get them printed in high quality & required size
  • Add your business details, sender & receiver info, gift card value, wrap them up beautifully, and we’re good to go! 

2. Download & use digitally as e-gift certificates

  • Download the templates
  • Fill in the required business, sender & receiver details
  • Send them to your clients via email/SMS

3. Use them directly with the help of a scheduling software

Creating & selling gift certificates will be a cakewalk with a scheduling software! Take a look at the below steps to understand how you can use the e-gift certificate templates without downloading.

a. If you use Appointy scheduling software

  • Log in to your Appointy account
  • Click on the ‘Marketing’ icon on the left side panel
  • Go to the ‘Gift certificates’ section
  • Create/ Sell/ Manage your gift certificates directly from here.

Check out how you can add your business logo, make your own gift certificates & access completely customizable templates on Appointy. 

b. If you use some other scheduling software 

Contact the support team to know how you can proceed.

In case you do not use a scheduling software, but still don’t want to miss out on this brilliant opportunity to increase your gift card sales online, get free gift certificates via Appointy!

Appointy allows you to create gift certificates for every occasion. You can choose a preset image for your gift certificate, promote it across your various business channels and even print them out to showcase on your counter. 

An online booking portal like this comes in handy while setting up a proper gift card system as you can directly send the gift certificates to the recipients through email (easy-peasy). Oh, and not to forget, it also provides custom gift certificate templates for your very selective clients!

The bottom line

While we’ve already shared the blueprint with you, little effort is still required from your side to get quick value from your gift certificate strategies. 

You can check out our 11 simple yet effective gift card marketing ideas to boost your annual sales & make the most of these gift certificate templates!

gift card marketing ideas

Do share your opinions with us in the comment section below.

Happy gifting! 😉

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