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Free Appointy and Zoom Integration for Virtual Teams and Businesses During COVID-19

Appointy and Zoom Integration

Automatically create and share Zoom meeting details for every new meeting, appointment, or class

For people everywhere, staying connected is now more important than ever. 

Since meeting in person is no more a safe option due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, both businesses and consumers have resorted to virtual meetings, appointments, and classes for their interactions. 

Whether it is to stay fit without the gym, to take advice from financial advisors, connect with co-workers, or to attend virtual classes – video conferencing has become an integral part of everyone’s daily lives. 

A happy woman attending a meeting at home during covid-19

As business owners who provide these services, fulfilling these new demands virtually can be a challenge. Scheduling and coordinating meetings while working from home and taking online sessions can be a challenge. 

  • A lot of your time can be wasted in the email back-and-forth to figure out when your employees/customers are available in the same time slot as you. 
  • Adding to the facade is manually entering and remembering the information to join the meeting once scheduled. 
  • While all of this is happening your schedule is constantly moving. Your next scheduled meeting might be re-scheduled or may even get canceled for various reasons.

To simplify this process, Appointy has launched its new Zoom integration! 

With the Appointy and Zoom integration, you can be in full control of your online meeting scheduling. Not only will it help you schedule your meetings better, but also help you in managing your productivity by automating the manual work for you. 

Let us explain how:

Powerful scheduling automation with Appointy and Zoom integration

With Appointy + Zoom integration, you can:

1. Create and share Zoom meetings automatically: 

When a new virtual meeting is scheduled with Appointy, a Zoom video conference link is automatically created and added to the meeting details. 

Since the Zoom meeting is scheduled from your booking portal where your availability is reflected in real-time, there is no back-and-forth in choosing a time. 

Also, once an event is scheduled, the Zoom meeting details will also be automatically sent in the confirmation emails/texts and will be added to your participants’ appointment calendars.

Note: While setting up the integration, you can choose the meetings or services for which you want a Zoom meeting to be created so that you can offer both virtual and in-person meetings from your Appointy booking portal.

2. Reduce no shows with meeting reminders:

Send meeting details in automated email and text reminders at preset times before a meeting so that your invitees never miss a meeting again and can join in from any device. 

You can also customize your reminder emails with any additional information you want to include like meeting agenda, optional participants, MOM of the previous meetings, etc.

3. Take complete control of your meetings:

This integration enables you to be in full control of your meetings – even before they start. You can edit meeting and conference settings easily as your requirement. Mute participants, allow them to join before the host, and automatically disable their videos in advance.

4. Update meeting details in real-time:

We understand the amount of extra work that goes when an online meeting is rescheduled.

With Appointy and Zoom integration, you do not have to worry about any confusion due to rescheduling meetings. If a meeting is rescheduled using Appointy, the Zoom meeting details will automatically be updated in real-time.

Who can benefit from Appointy’s Zoom Integration?

Sales and marketing teams:

Now you can schedule a Zoom meeting with your prospects/clients around the globe in a single click. When you schedule a meeting, a Zoom link is added in the meeting invite that makes it very easy for your prospect/client to join from any device.

A woman hosting a virtual meeting

Don’t let prospects forget about your product demos, weekly sync-ups, etc. with meeting reminders that include joining information.

Remote working teams:

Stay connected with your team even when you are working from home. Now your team members can schedule remote meetings to take regular updates and ensure overall productivity. 

Anyone who wants to schedule a meeting with you can check the available slots and book the meeting. Zoom meeting details are shared automatically in all the confirmation and reminder emails and sms.

Tutors and professors:

Share virtual class details with all your students when they sign up for a session, class, or webinar with you. Flexible meeting settings allow you to be compliant with local video-conferencing guidelines.

A student attending an online class scheduled by his teacher

Customer success and support teams:

Allow clients to schedule screen sharing sessions for onboarding and troubleshooting requirements. It will result in a very smooth transition for your customers in the comfort of their own space and time. 

Consultants and advisors:

Let clients book 1:1 virtual consultation sessions with you. No matter where you and your clients are, they can book an online meeting with you in your available time slots. 

A consultant scheduling a zoom meeting on her laptop

Online fitness classes:

Host live yoga and Zumba fitness classes with Appointy and Zoom integration and keep your members fit wherever they are.

Online sessions: 

Take hourly sessions for services like tarot-card readings, therapy, marriage counseling, etc. online with Appointy and Zoom integration. Let customers book appointments with you and assist them over virtual meetings. 

How to schedule a zoom meeting with Appointy?

Step 1: Connect your Zoom account with Appointy

Select the meetings/appointment-types you want to create virtual meetings for and connect the Zoom user account from which you want to generate meeting links. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Zoom account with Appointy

Zoom webpage with a connect button
Connect Zoom Meetings with Appointy
Zoom sign-in page
to Zoom to integrate

Note: If you do not have a Zoom account, you can get one for free here. Zoom has added advance capabilities to their free licence plan due to the COVID-19 outbreak to support business continuity. You can read more about it here.   

Step 2: Participants receive Zoom meeting details 

A new Zoom meeting is created at the time of meeting confirmation and its details are shared in the confirmation email with the invitees.

Appointy's meeting confirmation email with meeting details, URL and editing options
Zoom Meeting Link and Pin received by the participant

Step 3: Host webinar or meeting

Join in with your meeting link to host webinars or present to meeting participants.

Ready to try Appointy + Zoom?

Appointy + Zoom can be a great way for you to leverage the power of scheduling automation and online interaction to run your business virtually. It can save time, eliminate the manual work that goes into managing your schedule, and streamline your virtual meetings, classes, and appointments.

Click here to get started with Appointy + Zoom now!

If you require any further assistance then feel free to start a live chat from our website, or contact us at

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