4 notable business goals salons & beauty businesses can achieve this Halloween

Good news for salons and beauty businesses across the United States!

Halloween is just around the corner, and the news is that Americans are expected to spend a record high of $9.1 billion collectively on the day.

Some big numbers, right?

But not surprising, given the fact that this spooky festival is the second highest grossing commercial holiday in the US, just after Christmas. Continue reading →

4 incredibly easy hacks to get your business listed on Reserve with Google today!

Over the last few decades, we’ve seen technology penetrate into every aspect of the human life. Health, medicine, entertainment, beauty, and what not. There has been constant innovation in the way we do everything.


Even business. The way we do business has changed drastically.

Today, we work on tablets/computers, get clients over the phone, market on the Internet, and use high-end equipments to give services.

In fact, now your customers can even book and pay for services directly from Google.

This happens through a new service launched earlier this year, called Reserve with Google (RwG).

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Save or Sack? A small business owner’s ultimate guide to firing an employee

Firing someone is one task that even HR professionals and Managers (who train for stuff like this for years) find hard to do.

On top of that, if you’re the owner of a small business (like a salon, spa, or fitness centre), with everything inside the walls under your command, firing a staff member (or learning how to do it right) often ends up last on your To-do list.

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The 3 simple secrets of making more money from your salon/beauty business: Part 2

Note: This blog is Part 2 of a 2-part series: The 3 simple secrets of making more money from your salon/beauty business

In Part A: Increasing your revenue, we talked about what are the three core ways to make more money in your salon, business metrics that are used to measure this, and how to boost these numbers.

Further in this blog:

Part B: Taking care of your expenses talks about two simple business metrics, how they can help track your business growth, and how to deduce them.

Part C: Making sure you don’t run out of money talks about cash flow in the salon business, what it means, why maintaining a steady cash flow is important, and how to pump up your cash flow.

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The 3 simple secrets of making more money from your salon/beauty business

Admit it. Most business owners wouldn’t say no to making more money from their current setup.

But only a few are aware of (or pay much heed to) the basic business mechanics of running a salon. With numerous guides available on the Internet, and advice from fellow business-owners, you could easily get confused about what to do in order to earn more from your business.

Should you…

Focus on getting new customers through the door?

Or getting existing customers to come back more often?

Or knowing if you’re earning enough?

Or start selling more retail products?

How do you know what’s right?

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Some brilliant advice to help you hire great staff for your salon!

A good team of professionals is fundamental to achieving your business goals…

…at whatever stage you may be with your salon business; just starting up, looking to expand, or trying to efficiently run your current setup.

Recruiting and retaining quality professionals is the most important managerial skill you’ll ever learn; whether you’re an artist trying to make it as a salon owner, or a business person testing the waters in the beauty industry.

Business Colleagues Together Teamwork Working Office

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The impact of Trump’s immigrant policies on Salon-Spa industry in the USA: and steps you need to take NOW!

Disclaimer: So this isn’t a political blog. No matter which side of the fence you sit, there can be no denying that we are in a time when there are some pretty extreme views. And some very strong emotions. yoda-2As business owners, we all need to think about what Donald Trump’s immigrant policies mean for our business. The challenges, the opportunities, the emotions. All of it. In this blog, we discuss:

  1. Can Donald Trump’s immigration policies really impact the US beauty & wellness industry
  2. What challenges can a small business owner face?
  3. How to verify the immigration status of your employees?
  4. Can this be an opportunity to grow your business?

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