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How to Maintain Security and Quality of Education in Online Classes

The number of students enrolled in online classes has dramatically increased in the last few years. With the growing demand along with striving for excellence associated with globalization, there are worldwide calls for enhancing the security and quality of education in online classes.

Given that an increased number of students and tutors are choosing to study and teach online, these calls of security and quality enhancement cannot go unheeded.

Let’s dive into the topic to discuss the importance of security and quality in online teaching, potential challenges, and how to overcome these obstacles.

Importance of Quality in Online Classes

The place of online classes in education is clearly aligned to quality. Effective and efficient online tutoring requires planning and effort, maybe even more than traditional learning. Calling for strict discipline and lots of effort, online tutors need to restructure the syllabus and pedagogy to make the online classes engaging, interactive, and flexible.

Although the online learning experience may be convenient for people compared to the in-person traditional learning methods, the task of engaging students online is a bit challenging. 

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Overcoming the Quality Barrier in Online Classes

Despite the number of advantages that this revolutionary concept of online classes has to offer, there are many factors to be considered to improve the quality of the online learning process.

Below mentioned are some practices that can be implemented to take the online learning experience to a whole new level.

  • Real-Time Communication: Communication is the key to successful learning. The platforms for online classes should tap into the potential of real-time communication to experience the whole new benefits of interacting with co-learners and teachers. Audio/video interaction keeps the student and the teacher engaged in the session and allows them to discuss complex topics, raise doubts, and eventually perform better.
  • Teaching Techniques: Introducing new techniques into the classroom helps as a way to improve the quality of teaching. New approaches like flipped learning, quizzes, debates are some of the proven techniques which can definitely improve the involvement of the students by a great deal. Other than these, there are many other learning techniques that you can experiment with and select the ones that suit you the best.
  • Feedback: One of the most important ways to measure the quality of an online course is to get student feedback because students are the voice of the business. No quality assurance process would be sound without hearing from the customer, so make sure the student voice can be heard, by using suitable surveys, reviews, ratings, and acted upon.
  • Gamification: Last in order but not of importance, gamification is a great way to improve the quality of online education. This technique uses badges, points, achievements, and leaderboards, and creates an environment where learners are motivated, intrigued, engaged in learning. Once you add gamification to your online teaching pedagogy, it will encourage the students to take an active role in their online learning

Importance of Security in Online Classes

Another major concern in online classes that cannot be overlooked is the security risk. In spite of the numerous advantages of online learning over traditional learning, it also needs to satisfy the security needs of the customers and overcome various security threats which attack their valuable data.

The below points discuss the various security issues involved in online classes with an aim to emphasize the solutions in the form of security measures.

Overcoming the Security Barrier in Online Classes

The platforms for online classes are certainly exposed to constant security threats and attacks. The below-mentioned points discuss the necessary insights for online teachers to become proactive and knowledgeable to mitigate potential security threats.

  • Having Backup System in Place: It goes without saying that no one is completely immune to being hacked, and probably the most feasible security measure one can take is to have a strong backup of their system ready all the time. Expecting one could be the target of a hacker anytime and be ready with a well-resourced backup plan is highly recommended. This way you can get back running in no time should things come to a head.
  • Enabling 2-Factor Authentication: One of the last things you would want in your online learning platform is a user’s security being compromised. A way to mitigate this issue and reduce the chances of a user’s security being compromised is to encourage and if possible make mandatory the use of 2-factor authentication. Implementing this, even if a user account is hacked, they will still require authentication via a code received on their mobile devices.
  • Using Powerful Encryption: SSL certificates are the most widely used security protocols that offer protection to the data transmitted between the server and the web browser. To encrypt your platform traffic, its security features must include support for the HTTPS protocol. Providing secure encryption allows you to share sensitive information over the internet without anyone snooping over it.
  • Securing Online Classrooms: Many live video sessions are increasingly becoming vulnerable to Zoombombing. Although some of them just disturb the participants of the session and waste their time, many others interrupt the ongoing live classes with offensive content using the screen sharing feature of the platform. Creating role-based accounts with a proper background check and regular re-authentication can help mitigate this issue.

Closing Thoughts

The world of education is becoming increasingly digitized, so every online tutoring platform should be capable enough to accommodate the basic quality and security requirements of the users to survive in this digital world.

We have discussed some effective ways to ensure the security and quality of online learning. However, these ways can only be implemented using robust software that is specifically built to meet the quality and security standards of online education.

Using an education scheduling software that combines all the necessary elements; live interaction, feedback, powerful security features like SSL, and many more, enables you to launch an online teaching business and run your online classes without any compromise on security and quality of education. 

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