10 Best Small Business Ideas for Women in 2022

10 best small business ideas for women

Women around the world are starting more businesses now than ever. In fact, about 36% of all small businesses are women-owned today.

If you’re hoping to be a part of this tribe, you’re in the right place!

In this blog, you’ll find some of the best small business ideas for women to start and are profitable too. So let’s dive in!

10 best small business ideas for women

1. Educational services 

If you have an inclination towards a particular subject or enjoy teaching people, or just naturally have the talent for it, starting your own educational business can be the way to go!

You can offer in-person or online tutoring services to students of a particular grade, or for specific exams like SAT, or for a particular subject, maybe Math or English. You can also start tutoring services for something you’re good at, like music. 

Owing to the COVID-19 lockdown and the situations that followed, online tutoring has gained popularity and can be a good starting point, with minimum resources required!

A tutor training a student

2. Beauty services

Women dominate small-scale beauty businesses around the world. And this domain brings with itself a lot of home-based business ideas too.  

With short training, you can open your own salon and offer beauty and skincare services to men and women in your area. You can also sell handmade, organic beauty products from your home! You can even take beauty or skincare consultations – online or in-person. 

Another good business for women to start could be to own a beauty channel on YouTube and post videos like beauty tips, home tutorials for flawless skin, hairstyle and hair care tutorials, and a lot more! Creating your own Facebook and Instagram business pages for your services will also work well, given the visual nature of beauty and skincare-related businesses.  This is also a great business idea for ladies who want to work from home!

3. Online retail  

Needless to say, digital is the new cool! Online stores are becoming increasingly popular. People prefer the convenience of shopping from their home, office, or even while they’re traveling. 

Understand where your interest lies and you can choose from a variety of online business ideas. For example, you can become an online retailer of dresses, grocery items, lingerie, watches, accessories, jewelry, or anything that you want! You can even start your own line of products – handicrafts, eco-friendly items, etc. 

An online retail store would mean you’d have to incur only storage costs, unlike the costs involved in a physical store – a place for the store, furniture, lighting, staff, etc.  It can be a great online business idea for women. 

4. Pet care center 

If you’re an animal lover, you can utilize it to start and run your own venture! You could start it for specific animals, like just dogs, or just cats. It could be a daycare center for pets, dog-walking services, or even a grooming place for pets, depending on your interest, and experience with pets.

Another pet-related business idea is to sell all types of pet products – food, clothing, medicines, toys, and more!

A girl taking care of a dog

5. App/ web development

Do you have a knack for technology? If yes, this one’s for you!

Technology is penetrating our day-to-day lives rapidly, and with this, mobile and web applications are becoming popular. People use mobile and web apps for many everyday activities ranging from step counting to remotely monitoring their pets.

Many companies recognize this growing interest and hire freelancers to develop applications for them. So, if you are into programming, this can offer you good money, without a lot of initial investment – all you have to do is invest time in honing your skills!

Even if you have no knowledge of coding, it’s not tough nowadays to learn that. In fact, you can learn it online for FREE!

So if you are interested in this field, you can try this out. Work as a freelance programmer on your own terms, and over time, you can increase your client base. 

6. Photography

A photography studio is another small business opportunity for women that has gained popularity in recent times.

People are increasingly becoming open to spending a lot of money for getting the perfect pictures of their special occasions. Be it weddings, baby showers, vacations, or any other important event, good photographers are in demand! 

So if you have an interest in photography, you can learn how to become a professional photographer online and get started with your business! 

7. Event planning/ management

As with photographers, people are also becoming more open to the idea of hiring event planners or managers owing to the lack of time in their busy schedules – making event management a great business idea for you!

You can start a general event management firm or a specific business like wedding planning, corporate event management, birthday parties, etc. Start with small-scale events and keep expanding!

Initially, you could gain some experience by working with an existing event planner and then start your own firm. If you already have that experience, you’re good to go!

8. Food-related business

Cooking is an art, and if you have an inclination towards it, you can start your own food-related business. If you already cook as a hobby, it’s time to show off those culinary skills! If not, no need to worry. You can start right now. With tons of recipes available on YouTube for free, it’s not so difficult. 

You can start a street food joint, your own small terrace coffee shop, bakery, food truck, catering services, etc.

Just one thing to keep in mind here is that you’ll have to follow the food safety guidelines issued by the state. You might even have to get your kitchen inspected.

A girl cooking in the kitchen

9. Organizational services for home and finance 

Women are generally considered to be naturally good at their organizational skills. So any good business idea that leans on this as the core offering would be suitable.

You can offer virtual assistance, professional home organization services, bookkeeping services, etc, depending on what you like. 

10. Blogging

Did you enjoy writing those essays in school and always got an A?

If yes, you might have the talent for writing. You can start writing content online or blogging as a freelancer for companies. Being from the field of content marketing myself, I understand that it can seem challenging for some people, but you can explore tons of topics ranging from science to literature, technology, psychology, etc. 

Just be patient while establishing yourself in this field and grab the opportunities you find! 


Most of these business ideas for women can be started right from the comfort of your home.

We hope that you found an idea that suits your skills and resources perfectly. These small business ideas for women are only a handful of endless possibilities. Ultimately you should find and finalize an idea that matches your interests/ skills and that you feel confident about! 

We wish you the best in your endeavors. More power to you ladies! 

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