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How to Set Up Facebook Appointments on your Business Page (And Why You Need a Book Now Button on your Profile)

How to set up Facebook appointments

With over 1.9 billion daily active users, Facebook has achieved enormous success in being the de facto social networking platform for people to connect and share their thoughts.

But that’s not the extent of its benefits!

Given the huge reach of this platform, it also poses a great opportunity for businesses to connect with potential customers. In fact, there are about 90 million small and medium business pages on Facebook. Which also means that the competition is fierce. 

So how do you make your business stand out on this super powerful platform? The answer for service-based businesses is simple – Use Facebook appointments. 

Being a business owner, if you want to maximize customer acquisition from Facebook, a Book Now button on your Facebook page can help you effectively convert profile visitors into paying customers,  at absolutely no additional cost!

This blog post covers everything you need to know about the Facebook appointment button on your business page. Feel free to jump to a section of your choice from the links below:

  1. What are Facebook appointments?
  2. Why should you get the Book Now button on your Facebook page?
  3. How can you accept appointments via Facebook?
    1. What do you need? (Prerequisites)
    2. Steps to add the Book Now button on your Facebook page
  4. Conclusion: All set to fuel more bookings through Facebook?

What are Facebook appointments?

The Facebook appointment scheduler is an excellent feature that allows you to set up appointments for your business directly through your business profile on the platform. This happens by adding a Book Now button to your Facebook page. 

The Facebook appointment button appears right below your profile cover image as shown below. Its strategic position ensures that it is visible to profile visitors right when they visit your profile, and they are prompted to book an appointment with you! 

Position of Book Now button on Facebook page

Why should you get the Book Now button on your Facebook page?

The Facebook appointment button will help your prospects book appointments with you right when they find your work interesting and useful (from your Facebook business page, of course!). 

Here are some clear advantages this feature has to offer:

1. Strengthen your online presence

With about 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world! It is used by people of all ages and a wide variety of demographics. 

Having a business profile on Facebook where you regularly post relevant content about your business or of your services is non-negotiable. But you can boost your presence on this platform with a call to action like a Facebook Book Now button. 

In fact, our numbers suggest that adding a Book Now button to your Facebook page can make it 3 times more likely for profile visitors to book an appointment with you!  

2. Convert more profile visitors into customers

Appointments via Facebook ensure fewer steps are required for profile visitors or followers to convert into paying customers for your business. Fewer steps lead to fewer churn, and encourage a higher fraction of the people to hit your Facebook Book Now button, even if it’s at 3 AM!

Plus, don’t forget to notice its strategic placement on your business page. It is present right on top, below the cover picture. So when people feel interested in your services, they can simply book an appointment with your business on Facebook, without a hitch! 

3. Provide booking convenience to customers 

The Facebook Book Now button on your page can be spotted easily and provides a quick and seamless booking experience to your customers – new and existing alike. 

For new customers, it will mean that they’ll already be impressed with your business before even paying you a visit. For the existing customers, being able to book appointments through Facebook will be a new and convenient way to schedule. 

This way you can surely keep your customers happy with the experience you provide, right from the start. And that’s exactly the goal, isn’t it?

So ultimately, choosing to book appointments on Facebook will help you gain more customers and keep the existing ones happy. In the long run, it will help you fuel your business revenue and grow your business conveniently. Missing out on this opportunity can turn out to be a big loss, which I’m sure you wouldn’t want.

How to set up appointments on your Facebook page?

Setting up Facebook appointments is a pretty simple process. Although there are a few prerequisites before you can add a Facebook appointment button to your business page. 

We’ll cover both of these things below:

What do you need? (Prerequisites)

So there are only two things you need to have:

1. Facebook business page

You cannot accept appointments from your personal FB account. You need to have a business page in order to be able to access this feature and utilize it. 

2. An account with one of the partner scheduling software

If you’re using the native appointments feature from Facebook, this is not necessary. However, since we’re talking about the other option here, already having an account with one of the partners for Facebook bookings is necessary. 

But this won’t be the only feature which you should look at if you’re going to select a new online booking tool. Look for the options which offer you maximum value along with access to this Facebook feature. 

If you want suggestions for the best, I’d recommend Appointy! It has been loved in the scheduling space for over 10 years now and has helped 200,000+ small businesses save time, deliver exceptional experiences, and grow their business. 

Steps to add the Book Now button on your Facebook page

Once you have fulfilled both the requirements, you can directly get to these steps to start accepting appointments through Facebook. 

  1. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.
  2. Go to your Page and click the blue call-to-action button below your Page’s cover photo.
  3. Click Book Now and then click Connect another tool
  4. Choose Appointy from the list of scheduling options that appear and then click on Continue.  
  5. The Appointy login window will appear. Log in to your Appointy admin account by entering your Appointy username and password to integrate your Facebook business page with Appointy.

After you’re done, you’ll find a Facebook Book Now button on your business page. And voila! Gear up to get more appointments right from here! 

Conclusion: All set to fuel more bookings through Facebook?

Now that you have set up Facebook appointments for your business, brace yourselves to get more customers through this marketing channel. And with a booking software like Appointy, you’ll be able to manage your bookings from multiple channels like Google My Business, Instagram, etc. in a single place, hassle-free!

If you want to learn more about booking appointments on Facebook and how you can maximize your bookings from this social media network, we’re creating our next blog on the same. The blog is scheduled to launch later this month. 

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