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Tip – Sync with Appointy

Did you ever feel the need of Synchronizing Appointy with your favorite calendaring tool you use to manage your business? I am sure most of you must have faced the need at some point.

Appointy provides 2 ways to synchronize your calendaring tool with Appointy:

1. Sync desktop calendaring tools like Outlook, Windows calendar, Apple iCal or any other calendaring tool which supports iCal.
We provide iCal feeds which you can subscribe directly in your favorite calendaring tool. Login to your admin area and you will see a iCal feed button besides tab as shown below.

iCal button in admin

Clicking on it will open a window and will show you the iCal supporting softwares installed on your computer. Select the one, which you want to synchronize with Appointy.

2. Sync web based calendaring tools like Google Calendar or 30 boxes.
We also provide synchronizing web based calendaring with Appointy. It is real time process and Appointy can update your web based calendaring tool as soon as you or your client books an appointment. To enable it login to your account. It can be Admin, Staff or Client. Select Mashups for the menu and find the calendaring tool with which you want to synchronize appointy. You will see something like shown below:

Synchronize Google calendar with Appointy

Remember that this is one way synchronization from Appointy to Google Calendar. We are working to make it 2 way.

There is a small bug in synchronizing with google calendar. Google does not update accounts having multiple calendar. We are working to get this issue fixed.

Please contact us for any further question you may have.