Appointy Tips

Synchronize Appointy with your mobile phone

Read how you can Sync your Appointy with your Android , Blackberry, IPhone, Nokia S60, or Windows mobile using Google Calendar.

At Appointy we encourage our users to schedule a screen sharing session with us, where we help them to get the most out of Appointy. In order to do that, we schedule appointments using our scheduling page at Appointy. (Schedule an Appointment)

We plan everything well in advance and use Google Calendar to Manage ourselves. By linking Appointy with Google calendar we were able to push all the appointments to our mobile phone (Nokia E63).

How to do it?
1. Login to your Appointy Admin. Click on Mashups link in the top menu. Link it with Google Calendar.

2. Go to Select make of your Mobile. Follow the instructions and get appointments pushed to your mobile.

1. Google does not support Tasks & Contact Sync yet. So make sure it is turned off otherwise it will not sync your calendar also.
2. Appointy updates Google Calendar with only confirmed Appointments. Appointments in queue gets updated as soon as they are approved.

Try it and if you face any problems then please do not hesitate to contact us at contact [at] or schedule an appointment with us.