Appointy Tips

TIP: How Appointy’s “Ask-a-Review” feature can help in viral growth of your business.

In today’s world, reviews have become a key part of a business success story. There are many websites that are already providing local reviews for many years. So the question is, how Appointy is different from those?

There are three things which make Appointy unique:

  1. Reviews posted on Appointy can only come from genuine registered clients. Any client who books an appointment with a registered business can post a review.
  2. Reviews posted on Appointy are “Google search engine friendly” and will be crawled by Google. This improves your local search engine rankings.
  3. After a review is posted, a client can then post it to his/her Facebook or Twitter profiles. All of his/her friends on these social channels will see it as a personal recommendation, which will help spread your word-of-mouth.

Here is how it looks after a client posts a review:


How to request a review from a client?

Appointy will not automatically send  an email request to your client, asking to review your services/business.  We allow you to select the client(s) from whom you want to receive a review. Go to “Agenda view”, click on “Ask-a-review” next to the appointment,  then an email will be send to your client.

The best time to ask for a review is right after the service was performed. If you send your request during this first 24 hours, you will have a better chance to successfully receive a review.

Please do not hesitate to send us your questions or comments.