Appointy update : 2.7

From today, we are added a new category “Update”  to our blog that will track updates. Every month, we release new features and bug fixes. We will post a brief of the changes done in every update.

Today, with Appointy 2.7 update, we are launching:

Much improved “Social promotion”: Now you can customize “Social Promotion”. Earlier, you were only able to set a discount. Now you can be creative and design your offer. Offer can be a discount on a service or an incentive to promote your business. If you don’t know about “Social Promotion” then please contact us and we will help you design a “Social promotion Strategy for you”.

Offer Coupons: Now you can create “Offer Coupons” like “Discount Coupons”. For example, now you can offer free delivery or free stuff to clients. You will need to create an “Offer Coupon” from “”Promotions”–>”Discount Coupons” and promote it on your social channels or emails. Your clients can enter the “Offer Coupon” at the time of booking.

Improved IPad interface: Now drag & drop appointments to reschedule appointments on your IPad.

Above all, there are many bug fixes and flow improvements. We will be writing more about these new features and fixes in our coming blogs this month. Stay Tuned!

As always, if you have any question then please feel free to contact us at contact [at] appointy.com. We are here to help.