Appointy update 2.8

Here is a list of main features which are coming next week in our update#2.8

  • Create your own theme: Match your Appointy calendar’s color to your website with our easy to use graphical “Custom Theme Builder”.
  • Improved Day viewImproved icons with color coding to differentiate between Approved, unapproved, Paid and Group bookings.
  • Improved Agenda ViewYou will be able to differentiate between unapproved, approved or paid bookings with a single view.  Failed bookings can also be viewed directly on the “Agenda View”.
  • Track Appointments: Track from where and how your appointment was booked. Was it booked from PC, Mobile or IPad? Was it booked as a result of Appointy’s social channels like Social Promotion, Review Promotion, Email Marketing or was it booked from Facebook, twitter etc. Everything is now traceable.
  • Track Users:  Track from where your customers are coming.
  • Improved Customer tab: Much improved customer tab with different tabs for Upcoming and Past appointments.
  • “Social Login” on Mobile: Like desktop or PC version, now your clients can log-in with their Facebook and Gmail account from their Mobile phone also to book an appointment with you.
  • “Social promotion” on Mobile: Like desktop or PC version, now your customers can invite their friends to your business after making an appointment through mobile phone also.
  • Improved Mobile administrator: Much improved  mobile version of Administrator area with lot of functionality.
  • Improved “Discount Coupon” button: Made improvement to the “Apply” discount button on the customer tab.

Do let us know what you think about our update 2.8 🙂

Post Update: August 30th, 2011 – Update 2.8 is live on all accounts.