Appointy update 2.8

Here is a list of main features which are coming next week in our update#2.8

  • Create your own theme: Match your Appointy calendar’s color to your website with our easy to use graphical “Custom Theme Builder”.
  • Improved Day viewImproved icons with color coding to differentiate between Approved, unapproved, Paid and Group bookings.
  • Improved Agenda ViewYou will be able to differentiate between unapproved, approved or paid bookings with a single view.  Failed bookings can also be viewed directly on the “Agenda View”.
  • Track Appointments: Track from where and how your appointment was booked. Was it booked from PC, Mobile or IPad? Was it booked as a result of Appointy’s social channels like Social Promotion, Review Promotion, Email Marketing or was it booked from Facebook, twitter etc. Everything is now traceable.
  • Track Users:  Track from where your customers are coming.
  • Improved Customer tab: Much improved customer tab with different tabs for Upcoming and Past appointments.
  • “Social Login” on Mobile: Like desktop or PC version, now your clients can log-in with their Facebook and Gmail account from their Mobile phone also to book an appointment with you.
  • “Social promotion” on Mobile: Like desktop or PC version, now your customers can invite their friends to your business after making an appointment through mobile phone also.
  • Improved Mobile administrator: Much improved  mobile version of Administrator area with lot of functionality.
  • Improved “Discount Coupon” button: Made improvement to the “Apply” discount button on the customer tab.

Do let us know what you think about our update 2.8 🙂

Post Update: August 30th, 2011 – Update 2.8 is live on all accounts.


  1. Has any reported problems using IE 9? I am having multiple malfunctions with the new update…. I have checked that my Java is up to date, running Windows 7 and using IE 9. The fonts are all bigger in the sidebar, the menu that was accross the top of the browser is now stacked vertically down the right side, partially hidden by the now floating calendar box. I’ve tried everything and cannot figure out how to get it back to normal. Any ideas?

    just to note here… Great Scheduling System we love it!! I just want to be able to use it again lol.


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