Appointy Update 2.9 is now Live

Here is a list of features launched with update 2.9

1. Much improved recurring/repeat booking for your clients: Whether your client schedules 2 appointments or 20 appointments, our new interface will blow your mind 🙂

2. Quantity with recurring booking feature – First recurring, then quantity booking and now its time for quantity with recurring booking. Allow your clients to book seat for more than one person for multiple days.

3. Free timeslots with available Quantity – Now, your client can see the number of seats available at a particular time. For example, 10:00 AM (4), 10:30 AM (2) …

4. Echeck payment status – Payments made through echeck on Paypal will now be marked with a status as “Echeck Payment”. Such appointments would be treated as unapproved regardless of the payment settings. Administrators can approve such appointments manually.

5. Block day, date or time for all staff at once.

6. The word Quantity can now be renamed to something more meaningful depending on your business. For example, tutors can call it “Seat” to make it look like “1 Seat Available”.

7. Much improved Agenda view – You will have to use it to find the minor tweaks we have done to make your life easier.

8. Clean Mobile interface for your clients with ability to Autologin.

9. Ability to Autologin for Admin, Staff and Clients on your IPhone, IPad, Android, PC or MAC.

and much more…


  1. We have multiple customers complaining that the “REQUEST FOR
    PERMISSION” pop up window shows up blank when they are trying to book by
    connecting via Facebook.

    We are a paying customer and we cannot tolerate your buggy service anymore.

    You used to answer emails before, now you don’t even bother to do that.

    I was trying to downgrade to the Free Membership but your buggy software doesnt even let saving that change. I guess we will just have to call our bank to dispute the charges you made.


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