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7 Simple yet Powerful Photography Marketing Ideas to Get More Clients

A professional photographer taking a photo of a table

The photography industry is expected to grow from $38.93 billion in 2021 to $42.81 billion in 2022. It is now safe to say that things are looking good for the photography market. 

Now that the streets are bustling again, it seems like the best time for photographers to attract new clients. However, clicking good-quality photographs alone cannot bear the responsibility of running your business. 

This is where promotion and marketing for photographers can play a crucial role and can turn out to be an absolute game-changer for your business. Even though promoting a photography business is crucial, it is a less talked about topic. And honestly, most photographers do not know where to begin. 

If you are one of them, then don’t worry! Try out these 7 photography marketing ideas to establish your brand and get new clients for your business:

  1. Digitize your portfolio and leverage it to build your brand
  2. Get listed on Google My Business
  3. Level up your photography website
  4. Utilize social media to your advantage
  5. Leverage your existing clients to build stronger relationships
  6. Networking is the key to capturing more moments
  7. Build rapport outside your industry with co-marketing

Before we get started,

You need to know these two things to have a thorough understanding of your market because these are what will help you build a promotional strategy for your business: 

I. Your niche 

Being a good photographer does not mean that you have to be good at every style of photography. Finding your niche is important to establish a loyal audience by focusing on your business strategies around them. 

Instead of trying to master every style, be a specialist in your own niche. 

From interior photography to portraits, there is a lot to choose from. To find your niche:

  • Photograph what you like
  • Try new things
  • Evaluate your skill set
  • Determine your price
  • Choose your location

II. Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Your business’s USP is what sets you apart from your competitors. 

Identifying, implementing, and highlighting your USP throughout your marketing and promotional drive will help increase your business visibility and drive more clients to your photography studio. 

Now that the basics are set right, let’s get into some photography marketing ideas that can help you come up with a fruitful photography marketing plan.

7 photography marketing ideas:

1. Digitize your portfolio and leverage it to build your brand

Photographer building a digital portfolio

Portfolios are a photographer’s best friend. Along with being a multi-faceted way to organize your photographs and accomplishments, it also allows you to show off your best work to potential clients. 

And a digital portfolio is no less! It simply implies that you showcase all your skills and achievements digitally. Well, don’t get us wrong, we have nothing against print portfolios. But honestly, one thing this pandemic has taught us is to be digitally aware and equipped

But if you are still doubtful about going digital, then here are some reasons why you should consider it:

  • A digital portfolio is easily accessible and can be maintained from anywhere by anyone, making it hassle-free and convenient.
  • It can carry more content than a print portfolio. As a photographer, it gives you an option to play around with your content and also add more pictures to it. Now, isn’t that a blessing in disguise for a photographer? 
  • It is also interactive. You can choose appropriate formats and layout, depending on the platform you would like to display it on. For example, you can create a portfolio according to Instagram’s format and display it there.  
  • Now, not all digital portfolios are pocket-friendly. But compared to print, they are more convenient and easy on pockets.

Pro-tip: Free tools like Canva and Wix have also made it possible to make one by selecting from a variety of free templates. 

The digitized portfolio has become the new trend and could be a unique addition to your photography business. Now that you have all the reasons to make a digital portfolio, let’s look at how we can make one. 

How to make a digital portfolio? 

Follow the below-mentioned tips and get all set to flex the all-important portfolio!

I. Think about what you want to include 

As a photographer, it is easy to get carried away and clutter your portfolio with pictures. But remember, less is more

Sort through all your pictures and choose the high-quality images that reflect your best work and are visually appealing. While choosing pictures, detach from your art and choose content that is suitable for your client and not which you think is the best. Think of it as putting your best foot forward. 

Once you are done, don’t forget to take a second opinion. Seeing your portfolio from someone else’s eye brings attention to little details that you might have missed otherwise. 

II. Choose your layout design 

A vertical or horizontal layout along a clean and organized grid gives your portfolio a minimal look. Use a personalized logo and a basic font color for the captions to make it look visually appealing to your clients. 

III. Categorize 

Structure your portfolio by dividing it up into different categories. This makes it easy for a client to navigate through your portfolio.

For example, if your client is looking for your contact information, they can easily navigate through the contact information section of your portfolio to reach out.

Also, don’t forget to optimize your images by using captions and relevant keywords. 

Now that you have a digital portfolio, you can promote it across your social media accounts, photography sites, and website. 

2. Get listed on Google My Business 

Google is your best friend when it comes to setting up your business digitally. It has been helping local businesses for the past 10 years and continues to do so by introducing tools and advancements. 

It is a great way to increase your business’s visibility and get discovered. 

Most people search for services on Google. In fact, research shows that 46% of people look for a local business when they conduct their research. 

So, it only makes sense to want your photography business to show up when they look for  ‘photographers near me.’

Your Google listing also includes your photography website and your physical address that is linked to Google maps. 

But how can you optimize your Google listing? 

There are some things to keep in mind when you update your business on GMB:

1. Images: Add images to ensure you get ranked on image search. As a photographer, you have an edge to drive traffic from Google images. So add pictures to your listings. 

2. Reviews: Reviews matter a lot when it comes to business listings. Ask for reviews and ratings from your clients. Your business could rank higher in the search engine if you have great reviews.

3. Posts: A 100-300 word post on your website to share your photography business updates. 

4. Buttons: Add buttons for getting direct calls and directions to your studio on your listing. 

The example given below shows the organic search results for ‘photographers near me’ and these are the businesses with Google My Business listing. This makes it easier for the searchers to get the business’s contact information, check out their website, get directions, and read reviews.

Google search results for ‘photographers near me’ showing with business details and location

That’s not it! Google now allows you to get direct bookings from your business listing through Reserve with Google (RwG). You can add a ‘Book’ button on your business’s Google listing and turn your online visitors into paying clients, and that too, for free!

Note: To get listed on RwG, you will first need to choose the right photography booking software for your business that can easily facilitate bookings through Google. 

3. Level up your photography website

As a photographer, a website is a tool that helps in marketing your photography business by giving you full control over how you represent yourself. It can also help you get more clients by improving your search engine rankings. 

But, have you ever been in a situation where you have a fully functioning website but you are unable to get clients? It’s probably because you need to advertise your website. 

Let’s see how we can do it:

I. Optimize your website 

We are certain that you might have come across this word almost a gazillion times on the internet. And that is because it is a great way of improving your site’s visibility when any potential client searches for services related to your business on the internet.

SEO can help your website rank higher in search engines and consequently drive traffic to your website. 

You can achieve this in the following ways: 

  • Use relevant keywords throughout your website
  • Write descriptive titles and headings
  • Keep the website up to date by adding pictures and SEO optimized blogs
  • Include texts with target keywords that describe your service

II. Link it to socials 

Social media is one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your website. Share content that gets your followers to visit your website or blog to interact with your brand. 

Different social media accounts can provide an excellent platform for you to advertise your photography business to the right audience. Linking your website to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can help you drive traffic to your website. 

III. Send your website link directly 

As a business owner, don’t hesitate to share direct links to your website with people. You can also add a booking widget on your website to get direct appointments while providing your website link.

Taking appointments by providing a website link can act as a booking portal and at the same time, it gives direct access to your website, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. 

4. Utilize social media to your advantage 

Person holding a phone showing social media apps

Social media helps you connect and build networks. And this is one of the best photography marketing strategies to build your brand.

Here are some ways by which you can boost your social media presence and book more photoshoots:

1. As a photographer, you can promote your photography on Instagram and Pinterest. Your pictures are a selling point and should tell your visual story by creating an aesthetically pleasing feed.

Include vividly colored high-quality pictures with customized icons and seasonal themes to maintain your feed.

2. Photographers who have decent reviews and referrals always have an edge in the market and by displaying them on social media, you gain your client’s trust even before getting hired.

Promote testimonials on your accounts. Add them in the most visual way possible. Use layouts and pastel colors to make it stand out. 

3. Ask your existing clients to tag you when they put up a picture clicked by you. Provide discounts or offers for the same. 

4. There are 100’s of social media platforms out there. But it is important to figure out which one works best for you.

Research on where your ideal clients are hanging and only make strategies that resonate with the audience you are targeting. 

5. You must keep up with the trends going around and use them to market yourself as a photographer. Some of the common ones like tik toks, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and Facebook stories are a great way to promote your business by making video content.

6. Hashtags are a part of almost every social media platform because they are game-changers. By using appropriate hashtags you can advance your engagement and reach. 

7. The more content you post on social media, the more engagement you get. Stick to posting 3-4 times a week to be consistent and work those algorithms in your favor.

8. Facebook Ads is an excellent way of advertising your photography business for you can aim the advertisements at a targeted audience and catch the interest of those who are most likely to get interested in your business, all at a flexible budget. 

9. Add booking CTAs to your social media profiles. Adding the link to your booking page, or the ‘Book Now’ button on your Facebook and Instagram profiles can ensure that interested clients can book appointments with you directly, and without any hassle! 

The right online booking software can help you add a ‘Book Now’ button to your social media profiles and your booking link on other platforms. 

Take a look at the Instagram page of Blk photography given below. The Instagram action buttons like Message, Contact, and ‘Book Now’ can help them in streamlining the scheduling process for their profile visitors and get new clients through their Instagram page. 

5. Leverage your existing clients to build stronger relationships 

Building relationships with clients is a two-way street. You are being rewarded for your work and they are being rewarded for their loyalty. 

Leveraging your current client implies that you take help from your existing customers to get some new opportunities. 

It is one of the best marketing ideas for photographers, considering it is the fastest way to grow your business and gain the trust of a potential client. So let’s take a look at how you can do it!

I. Promote reviews 

Encourage your clients to write testimonials. Ask your loyal customers to list out the reasons why they hired you in the first place. Also, you can ask them to mention if there’s any particular service or picture they liked the most.

Once you have your testimonials ready, promote them on social media and your website.

II. Referrals 

Another great way to get more clients is by asking for referrals. You can ask your client to refer you to a family member or friend for your photography services. 

You can later reward them with free photoshoots or impressive offers. This is how you can build a two-way street with your client for the long run.

III. Leveraging their network 

You must take advantage of your current client’s network. Giveaways, contests, and reposting on socials are great ways to promote your photography business through your clients.

 It is a great way to get more traffic and build new connections. 

For example, you can do a giveaway where you can ask clients to repost 3 of your photographs, tag your social account, tag 3 of their friends, and much more!

This way, they might get a chance to get their photoshoot done. This way you are leveraging your client’s network to promote your photography business.

You now have a solid email list and a good clientele to back up your photography skills. All you need is a new network and a community to support and help you promote your business. 

6. Networking is the key to capturing more moments 

Small event gathering with photographers

Networking helps to connect and exchange business information with others by developing social connections. 

As a photography business owner, your network can introduce you to a good deal of opportunities. Here are some reasons why you should network: 

  • It helps to get new clients and customers. 
  • It is a low-cost way to market your photography studio.
  • If you put your heart (and brain) into it, your effort will pay off in spades.

It is undoubtedly one of the best ways of marketing a photography business. Here are some platforms to get you started with your networking journey.

I. Social networking 

Social media is a great way to network and build new relations. That is the sole purpose of its existence.

So why not use it for your professional goals? Network with people on social media. 

Platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and Pinterest are a great way to find and join your own community. 

Here are some additional marketing tips for photographers via social networking:

  • Be interactive and engage in conversations.
  • Share some of your best works, instructive content, upcoming events, etc. 
  • Answer questions on Quora, and promote your network by linking your website and adding pictures.
  • Join community groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

II. Make events your playground 

Events are the best way to build connections as a photographer. From free opportunities to new events, it can open a new door for you. 

You can start by initiating a conversation at events or just being a part of it. Meetups, community events, photo walks are some events where you could engage and build new relationships.

III. Collaboration 

Another one of the photography promotion ideas is – collaboration. From social media influencers to endorsing brands, there are so many opportunities for collaboration across multiple industries. You can collaborate by creating something together, assisting someone, taking classes, curating online courses, etc. 

IV. Join communities 

Various communities are available online and offline to network, promote, and grow your photography business. 

Local groups on Facebook and LinkedIn are a great way to build a professional network. 

On the other hand, job portals like Upwork and Fiverr are some other networks to join and promote your business as well as come across new opportunities.

7. Build rapport outside your industry with co-marketing 

Apart from all the above-mentioned ways on how to market your photography business, co-marketing is yet another way by which you can broaden your audience and build brand awareness, all while saving money and time.

It creates an opportunity to work with other businesses to promote a product, campaign, or content.

To find co-marketing partners/businesses, follow the below-mentioned steps.

I. Look into your analytics

Dig deep into your analytics and find out businesses that are already sending traffic to your site. 

Blogs and websites are some channels that could be sending some traffic to your photography website. This way you will get an idea of who is already interested in your services and content, and you can approach them. 

II. Talk to your clients 

Surveys are a great way to understand what your audience is interested in. When you find out what sites your customers visit and which blogs they read, you will get a fair idea of where you can come up with a collaboration.  

If you start seeing trends and patterns numerous times, you have found yourself an ideal partner.

For example, let’s assume most of your website visitors are interested in XYZ makeup. You can now approach the XYZ brand and consider co-marketing with them by photographing their products.

III. Do a thorough competitor research 

Sometimes partnering up with your competitor can yield outstanding results. So, you can think about promoting your photography business by co-marketing with your competitor as well. 

IV. Use social media 

Almost all businesses have a social media presence. There are multiple brands that are willing to collaborate and partner with photographers to promote their business. Try to find partners that complement your industry and market.

What type of businesses can you co-market with? 

As a photographer, you can co-market with numerous businesses. Find a partner that aligns with your services. 

  • If you are a portrait photographer, you can co-market by building relations with modeling agencies. 
  • If you are into interior and architectural photography, you can establish relations with real estate agents.
  • If you are into product photography, you can collaborate with jewelry stores.

Honestly, there are so many possibilities for co-marketing as a photographer. Reach out to these businesses and pitch an idea or two on how you can support each other, and capture more moments!

Closing thoughts 

We hope you find these photography marketing ideas useful and effective. This business is not at all a cakewalk and we get you. A lot of good photographers fail to set up a successful business because they do not pay heed to its promotional strategies. 

What makes a photography business stand out is its talent and skills but also the little tips and tricks that add to those skills. Promoting your business may seem daunting at first but trust us, it is fun once you get a hang of it, and to be honest, what is the rush? 

Try to refrain from implementing everything at once, take it slow and then progress. Good luck!

Don’t forget to tell us any fun and creative ways that you use to promote your photography business in the comments down below. We’d love to know about them. 😃

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