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How can Reserve with Google Help your Local Business Make More Money?

Girl booking an appointment from Reserve with Google from an iPad

If there’s one thing that the last decade has taught us about local businesses and digital marketing, it’s this: Google is your best friend!

Over the last 10 years, Google has launched a number of tools and features to help local businesses:

  • connect with their customers (Reviews, Posts, Q&As, etc.)
  • expand to new markets (Market finder), and 
  • work more efficiently (Google Analytics and G Suite)

A major reason why these initiatives are successful and give real value to local businesses like yours is that they are Google-driven. Being the world’s most popular search engine, it’s obvious that using Google for business marketing is putting up your business to be found by thousands of Google searches every day!

And don’t take my word for it. A recent stat suggests that 97% of search engine users searched online to find a local business.

But what if I tell you that these people can now not only find your business using Google, but also book an appointment with you – right from Google search!

Yup! In its constant pursuit for a better user experience and lesser clicks on the Internet, Google has launched a new platform called “Reserve with Google (Google Reserve or RwG)” that gives users an option to book an appointment with you, right from your business listing on Google. 

Or in simpler words:

With Google Reserve, you can now convert your Google My Business listing into a booking engine! 

This ‘Book Now’ button is a part of the Call-to-action embedded directly into the Local SERP 3-Pack. This increases your chances of getting booked when people are searching: “Salons near me/ Yoga class near me, etc.”  

Reserve with Google: An inside scoop

Appointy was one of the initial launch partners for Google Reserve back when it was piloted in early 2017.

We have spent the better part of the last 2 years watching the platform evolve and collecting business growth insights from customers who opted-in for this feature during the initial launch. 

Our insights suggest that RwG has helped hundreds of business owners like you attract new customers and effectively turn Google searches for their business into sales – all for free! 

In fact, one of our Reserve with Google users (Arthur – a barber from New York) is able to make $1,700 additional revenue every month from Reserve with Google!

Arthur from Barber’s Blueprint earns more money using Reserve with Google. Download the case study for free, just leave your email address below:

The big question: Can it really make you more money?

Yes, it can! Here’s a list of 3 ways in which Reserve with Google can help you grow your business and get additional revenue.

1. Attract new customers for free

According to a survey, 75% of the reservations made through RwG come from new customers. 

Finding new customers without spending a lot of money is one of the top challenges that local businesses face. And the Reserve with Google platform makes this easy by helping your business get discovered by Google searchers and turning them into customers through the door.

And, unlike other marketing channels, you don’t have to pay for clicks, invest in advertising resources, or get a marketing specialist on payroll to do this. 

When we add this up, RwG becomes better than most marketing channels instinctively. It is completely free of cost and requires no effort once you are listed on the platform.   

Let’s do a quick calculation to check the money-making potential of Reserve with Google for local businesses: 

If you are a salon owner and each haircut appointment costs $60 on average, consider that you get 3 appointments daily from Google. It means that you will earn 60×3 = $180 per day through Google appointments for your business. In a month, that’s $5400!

Amazing, isn’t it? 

The bottom line: Google Reserve gives you the necessary exposure to increase your revenue without any additional investment.

2. Better customer experience

Seamless booking journey:

A recent survey suggests that nearly 70% of people prefer to book services online. Not through a phone call. Not through an email. But with just a few taps on their phones! And Google has made it even simpler! 

Right from searching for a business or service on Google to making payments for appointments, RwG has completed the entire process by providing an end-to-end solution for booking appointments online, thus taking care of all of your customer’s needs.

Reserve with Google provides an end-to-end booking experience. Users can now find, compare, book and pay for the services all through Google.

Multi-interface support:

52% of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices and this number has only increased over the years.

Since Google Search is easily available across any device, getting yourself listed on Google Reserve means giving your customers the luxury to book appointments through any device without any hassles. 

You don’t have to worry about a slow-loading website or annoying popups that hinder your customers’ experience while booking with your business. Your booking process will be powered by the world’s biggest tech company: Google!

Ability to book anytime:

Research shows that 40% of the appointments through Google are booked after business hours.

With Google Reserve, your customers will be able to book appointments 24×7 at their own convenience – right from Google search (which is practically in their pockets all the time as 86% of all mobile searches are accounted to Google)

3. Massive outreach and better conversions through the Google ecosystem

RwG has turned Google Search into a booking engine, thus, giving you a platform to reach out to your potential customers. 

But it’s not limited to just Google Search. 

Your services can also be booked through Google Maps, Google Assistant, and the Reserve with Google website. If we combine the traffic that all these channels get, you are potentially putting your business in front of thousands of new people every day! 

Not only that, your Google Reserve listing consists of photos, link to the website, and Google reviews as well. When someone interacts with all these resources, especially reads your positive online reviews, that’s when they are in a hyper-engaged state. (86% of your customers read online reviews before visiting a local business, and online reviews impact 67.7% of customer’s purchasing decisions)

So, what better time to give your customers an option to book than the moment when they are about to make their final decision, right?

The ‘Book Now’ button is at the right place at the right time and helps seal the deal with these super-engaged users, making them more inclined to choose your business over the others. 

Reserve with Google can be the next big thing.

Back in 2017, RwG started out from just 3 cities in the US and supported only a handful of business verticals. But it has come a long way. Today, it supports almost all major business verticals and is available globally. 

But this is still just the beginning.

Just like Google Search is today the de-facto answer to most questions, or how Google Maps has taken complete control of our commutes, it won’t be long before people will get used to booking appointments directly through Google. 

Being a part of Google’s ecosystem, in no time, all of Google’s products and services will integrate with Google Reserve, thus making it an imperative part of our daily lives.

So don’t get left behind!

Reserve with Google has made Google the first and last stop for all of your customer’s online booking needs. 

We believe that going forward, RwG will have a much greater impact on the way people discover and consume services. It will continue to create significant value for local businesses such as yours, simply because of the way people have incorporated Google in their lives. 

Chances are, that the majority of your local competitors are already listed on Reserve with Google (Here’s a real-life view of how many businesses around the world are listed on Reserve with Google already!).

So hurry up! This is the moment. Strike while the iron is still hot. 
Be a part of the next big thing. ACT NOW!

Start here!

Getting listed on Reserve with Google is pretty easy. All you need to have is:

1. A Google My Business listing.

If you don’t have this already, you can start here by claiming your business (if it’s already registered on Google Maps), or creating a new profile.

2. An account with one of the official scheduling partners of Google (like, Appointy).

Scheduling partners are online scheduling software that facilitates online bookings for your business via Google. If you don’t use an online scheduling solution for your business, here’s how to choose one that will get you listed on Google: How to choose the perfect scheduling partner for Reserve with Google?

Choosing an online scheduling software for your business is a big decision. This guide will help you make the right choice by elaborating on the things you need to pay attention to so that your online scheduling software is a perfect fit for your business.

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This post has been updated on January 16, 2020 and was originally posted on January 19, 2017.