4 notable business goals salons & beauty businesses can achieve this Halloween

Good news for salons and beauty businesses across the United States!

Halloween is just around the corner, and the news is that Americans are expected to spend a record high of $9.1 billion collectively on the day.

Some big numbers, right?

But not surprising, given the fact that this spooky festival is the second highest grossing commercial holiday in the US, just after Christmas. Continue reading →

The 3 simple secrets of making more money from your salon/beauty business: Part 2

Note: This blog is Part 2 of a 2-part series: The 3 simple secrets of making more money from your salon/beauty business

In Part A: Increasing your revenue, we talked about what are the three core ways to make more money in your salon, business metrics that are used to measure this, and how to boost these numbers.

Further in this blog:

Part B: Taking care of your expenses talks about two simple business metrics, how they can help track your business growth, and how to deduce them.

Part C: Making sure you don’t run out of money talks about cash flow in the salon business, what it means, why maintaining a steady cash flow is important, and how to pump up your cash flow.

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The 3 simple secrets of making more money from your salon/beauty business

Admit it. Most business owners wouldn’t say no to making more money from their current setup.

But only a few are aware of (or pay much heed to) the basic business mechanics of running a salon. With numerous guides available on the Internet, and advice from fellow business-owners, you could easily get confused about what to do in order to earn more from your business.

Should you…

Focus on getting new customers through the door?

Or getting existing customers to come back more often?

Or knowing if you’re earning enough?

Or start selling more retail products?

How do you know what’s right?

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Some brilliant advice to help you hire great staff for your salon!

A good team of professionals is fundamental to achieving your business goals…

…at whatever stage you may be with your salon business; just starting up, looking to expand, or trying to efficiently run your current setup.

Recruiting and retaining quality professionals is the most important managerial skill you’ll ever learn; whether you’re an artist trying to make it as a salon owner, or a business person testing the waters in the beauty industry.

Business Colleagues Together Teamwork Working Office

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Is there a good way to deal with a bad online review for your business? 😮

We all know that good customer reviews can take our business places. But just like everything else in this world, reviews also have a mean, devil-horned side: A negative review!

Whenever a negative review appears, you panic, you get angry, you try to not feel bad about it, but do you actually know how to deal with it?

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3 tricks that pros are using to increase their salon sales this spring

Winters, especially for salons mean slow business. But spring can be your elixir. Post-surviving another midwest winter, people come to salons anxious to make a change and try on new spring colors for their hair and nails as they get ready for vacations, prom nights and graduations.


This blog is the money-making guide to make your pedicure chairs and hair studio a happy spring destination for clients. It includes:

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Five foolproof ways in which Reserve with Google can “make you money”

If you’re a spa, studio or gym owner, chances are you might have already heard of Reserve with Google. But is it just another search-and-book service? It’s not. In fact for small businesses like you, it’s no less than a money-making machine. Let us tell you why.


FIRST THINGS FIRST. Reserve with Google: A clearer picture

Reserve with Google is a new service from Google that will allow your customers to find (and hopefully book) local services like yours.

RwG (Short for Reserve with Google 😁) allows your customers to search and browse through nearby service providers, compare and book an appointment from Google search, Google Maps or the Reserve with Google website. These appointments are automatically and instantly reflected in your booking software (such as Appointy).

Google is creating an online marketplace for services, similar to what Uber did for cabs, Airbnb did for homestays, and Expedia did for travel bookings.

THE BIG QUESTION: Can it really make you money?

Yes, it can. To start with, RwG is only available for spas, studios, and gyms (more industries will be added shortly, starting with salons, beauty salons and Barbers). RwG is also initially only being launched in three cities (San Francisco, LA, and New York), with a nationwide launch round the corner.

In the next section, we’ve tried to put together a little insight into how Reserve with Google can make money for your business. After all, as a launch partner for RwG, we have been working on this for the best part of a year.

#1. It puts you on the map! (Well, on Google Maps too)


85% of people use the Internet to search for local businesses like you. If most of your customers are looking for you online, you have to get listed online.

And what better platform to get listed online, other than Google, which accounts for more than 75% of the total searches on the Internet in the US. Getting listed on Reserve with Google will get you visibility among all these people. It’s a chance to make use of the power and credibility of Google to get discovered among your local customers.

#2. It gives you a chance to attract new customers with good reviews.

Reserve with Google lets your customers compare you with your local competitors right in the search window. This can be your chance to get an edge over others by getting your good reviews in front of your potential customers just before they’re about to make a decision. This could be a game changer.

In fact, research shows that if a business has a 3-star rating, then 57% of consumers will use that business. On the other hand, if a business has a 4-star rating, then there’s a chance that 94% of consumers will use that business.

Yeah, that’s right. Your reviews speak for themselves.


#3. The ability to run your business in real-time

Imagine the power of running your business with your customers knowing what is happening when it happens. For example, as soon as someone posts a good review, it gets displayed against your business listing. Or if you launch a new service, people would know instantly as your name starts appearing in the Google search when they look for that service. Skeptical about whether to raise your prices or not? Try raising them for a week; if your customer count goes down, change it again next week with as much as a click on your phone.

Reserve with Google gives you great control over your business by allowing your services, pricing, reviews, and other details to be updated in real time.

 #4. It is the only thing your customers will ever need: The end-to-end solution.

Your customers wouldn’t need to go anywhere else. Right from searching for services to making payments-Reserve with Google will take care of your customer’s every need.


#5. Fulfils customers’ needs instantly. Hence, they’re more likely to use it.

Research says that 45.5% people use their smartphones to search on Google.

Getting listed on RwG will mean being a part of a discovery platform that is always available, and accessible through a smartphone/ tablet whenever your customer feels the need.

Conclusion: Be a part of a wave

Ok, so this is a bit abstract. But here goes nothing.

We believe that the technology, business environment and consumer behavior are ripe for a change in the way customers discover and consume services. This view is probably shared by stalwarts such as Google and Microsoft, as evidenced by their entry into this market.

History has shown that when the time is ripe, adoption is rapid and can be considered akin to a wave. The wave itself carries all participants and disproportionately benefits the early adopters. We believe that we are at the start of a wave, a wave that will see the digital discovery, and consumption of services. If that turns out to be true, you can not afford to miss the bus. If this is the next big thing, you need to act NOW.

Have questions about the blog or Reserve with Google? Leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you asap. 🙂