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10 Latest Lash Marketing Ideas for Your Lash Extension Business to Get more Clients

A woman setting lashes for a client at an eyelash studio

A million-dollar question: How to grow your business?

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this question brings a headache to most business owners. Hey, after all, it’s your hard work, tears, and sweat. You would want to see it grow beyond your expectations. 

Growing your business means getting more customers, and getting more customers means reaching the eyes and ears of potential customers. And a popular strategy for gaining customers is to promote your business.

Sure marketing a business could be quite tricky, but with a proper plan, it could be a sweet ride, as good lash marketing ideas can act as the best megaphone to reach the ears of potential customers all around the world.

Psst, let us tell you a secret: you don’t have to be the only one working on your promotion strategy. Your customers can play a huge role in promoting your eyelash extension business and we’ll talk about how that can happen just by providing them with their dream lashes!

A lash technician working on a woman’s eyelash extensions in a salon

We have jotted down easy and approachable ways for you to skyrocket your business.

Here’s the breakdown of the blog. If you want to check out just a particular idea, you can just click on the section name and it will lead you right to that part!

  1. Level up and impress your customers
  2. Flaunt your lash studio on social media
  3. Build relationships as beautiful as your lashes
  4. To blog or to not blog
  5. Take that www game up 
  6. Leverage customers for promotions
  7. Amp your business up with material promotions 
  8. Advertise to build awareness 
  9. Go old school to promote locally
  10. Break out of the box virtually 
  11. Conclusion

So, ready to fly? Let’s get right into it then!  

1. Level up and impress your customers

You could gain loyal customers by putting out credible information about your business that makes you unique. Think from the perspective of your clients, why would they choose your service? What aspect of your eyelash extension business would impress them?

Here are a few tips to start with…

1. How to market your lash business with Google? Use Google Business Account so that whenever a potential client searches for ‘eyelash studio near me’, your business could pop up in their search results along with your contact information, location, and other essential pieces of information such as  

  • Updates on whether you are temporarily closed or fully reopened (this would be helpful considering the COVID-19 situation)
  • You could also include pictures of your salon showcasing your aesthetically pleasing interiors and decors
  • Reviews and star ratings given by your previous customers would allow potential customers to decide whether or not to choose you. And as a plus, a sense of assurance can be built up since these reviews are from customers who have experienced your service

2. Get certifications by doing courses from renowned institutions. Potential customers could find the information about your business and your expertise on your website or social media handles which would further surge your reputation and hence help in the marketing strategy of your eyelash extension business.

3. Everyone likes a person who gives out free knowledge! Share valuable and interesting information on forums or groups where people have asked questions about the cosmetology industry or eyelash extensions, this would interest potential customers. 

4. Personalize your brand, talk about the challenges you had, your goals for the business, the inspiration behind your journey into the business that could move your potential customers. This would create credibility in the industry. 

5. Creativity can bring uniqueness to your brand, focus on the packaging because that represents a brand. 

6. Integration of all your eyelash extension marketing channels can create a smooth buyer’s journey. 

For example, your customer might have been searching for something and stumbled on your website, now they get so intrigued by your blogs that they go to check out your social media page or your YouTube page which has the business’s uniqueness but is customized depending on the channel.

An eyelash technician working on a woman’s eyelash extensions in a salon

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Tip: Maintain a good relationship with beauty journalists and publications. This lash marketing idea will lead to positive feedback, media recognition, and hype for your lash business.

2. Flaunt your lash studio on social media

Your business is CLEARLY, a visual business. So using visual techniques to market is a sure-shot way of reaching out to more customers and ultimately gaining loyal customers.

Now there is no other visual platform to advertise your eyelash business that is more affordable and easier to use than social media platforms, like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or TikTok. Millions of potential customers are scrolling their way down on these platforms every day.

Here are some key lash promotion ideas for helping your accounts reach a wider audience. 

Optimize your profiles

Your profile is an opportunity for potential customers to decide whether or not to choose your service. Through the profile, your customers can see how well you do your services which could encourage them to book an appointment with you.

As a lash marketing strategy, convert your social media accounts into business accounts. This would help you to understand these window shoppers by analyzing every tiny insight of your posts like engagements, reaches, ages, demography, and much more and to make suitable marketing strategies based on these insights. 

In your business account bio, 

  • Add the link to your latest blog or your website link to drive traffic to your website
  • Update your contact information for potential customers to reach out
  • Add a booking page URL to your profile 

You can use tools to add multiple links, for example, Linktree can be used on Instagram for linking your content from different platforms. That way your potential customers could get access to your website, blog, booking page, or YouTube channel from a single place.

We would also recommend adding a separate Book Now button on your Instagram and Facebook profiles to convert visitors into paying customers!

To be able to incorporate a Book Now button, you need to have an account with one of the partner scheduling software, like Appointy!

Sign up with Appointy to start getting bookings from Instagram and Facebook now!

And oh! Did you know that you could get Instagram to recommend your account?

Open your account on your laptop, go to edit profile, scroll down, check the similar account suggestion box. Voila! 

Ideas to post 

A promise is a promise. Remember we said that your customers could play a huge role in your eyelash extension promotion ideas? Let’s talk about that. 

Fair warning, make sure that you have permission from the customers before posting any of their photos/videos! 

You could use these promotion tips for engaging with your followers,

  • Before and after pictures which are undoubtedly striking
  • Tutorial videos featuring your customers for an educational incline
  • Timelapse videos of the entire process
  • Live videos to give a real-time experience, no edits, no cuts 
  • Review videos where your customer can give their testimonials

Remember to tag your customers after their participation so that you can reach their inner circle if they decide to repost! 

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Here’s an example from Carnazzlashes where they post before and after pictures of their customers on Instagram.

Other lash marketing tips that can provide engagement are posting,

  • Useful eyelash products that your customers could use 
  • Makeup tips/ideas to provide value and care to followers
  • Announcements of offers/discounts/giveaways/competitions  
  • Snippets of your hygienic and safe workstation since variants of COVID-19 are still popping up now and then

Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags to get a better reach on your public business account.

Tip: To get more lash advertisement ideas, listen to your audience. What do they want to view or experience? A crucial component of audience research is social media listening/sentiment. Social media listening helps to analyze the conversations and trends happening in the industry.  

This would allow you an opportunity to use these insights to come up with better marketing strategies for your eyelash extension business. You could use the website Hootsuite for social media listening.

3. Build relationships as beautiful as your lashes

The relationships that you build with your customers or cross-industry business owners are highly valuable. Building trust and credibility can sustain your business in the long run and can be indeed favorable for your lash promotion strategy. Some of the ways that you can build relationships have been listed below.

Customer relationships

You can build better relationships with potential customers by engaging with them online, especially on your social profiles. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Replying to comments and DM’s in a positive and personalized manner
  • Posting polls/Q&A to engage with your customers and know their feedback
  • Share memes/bloopers to entertain your potential customers

Try starting a trend too as an advertising strategy for your lash business, with a catchy hashtag, for example, Drunk Elephant created the #barewithus Instagram movement which made users interact with the brand more and take it up to new audiences. 

An Instagram account’s personalized replies to their comments

Bko.lashclub gives out cute replies to all of their comments. 

Brand partnerships

A win-win idea for your lash extension advertisement would be brand partnerships that benefit both parties and is a good way to get more customers. But before you partner, understand what your brand vision is.

For example, if the brand is about vegan lash extensions, a partnership with a non-vegan lash adhesive would be a blunder. 

Tap into each other’s audience through product partnerships or cross-promotions. 

  • Product partnerships: Partnering with products of related industries would help your business expand its audience reach-out.

    For example, a mascara company could send their product and you could use it, talk about it, review it, recommend it, and through this you get to reach out to the mascara company’s audience. 
  • Cross promotions: Professional recommendation builds trust automatically. So promoting other lash studios or related industry businesses would help you tap into a common audience and get you leads.

    For example, teaming up with related industries like nail salons or hair salons, and cross-advertising the businesses via a referral program is a marketing idea that would work if a customer mentions that they got to know about your lash business via another business.

    Or you could partner up with another lash studio with a giveaway strategy that would help both your and your partner’s business get more engagements to the business like houseoflashes and welovelashes have done here. 

Influencer marketing

Connecting with influential people in any industry is a good win for any business. Partner up with a local influencer preferably from Instagram or TikTok to level it up. 

Content creators/social media influencers would have a lot of followers through which the content can reach a wider audience. It can be through a paid promotion or a service trade like free eyelash service. 

Look for local influencers who could come up to your salon and get an eyelash extension service and share their experience with their followers.  

Tip: While entering into a deal with an influencer, use CPA (Cost-Per-Action) instead of a flat fee rate as in some cases there might not be many leads generated through the influencer and you would be giving away the money for nothing.

Using a digital service that can track the number of times your business got a lead/customer via the influencer would be required. In this way, you do not have to pay unnecessary fees. It is a win-win situation.

4. To blog or to not blog

If you ever doubted blogging as a lash marketing strategy then let’s take a look at it from the Marvel angle.

If Captain Marvel is the mightiest Avenger then blogs are the mightiest when it comes to content marketing. An SEO-optimized blog would be like Hulk and Captain Marvel combined in the content universe!

With blogging, you could become a thought leader and create brand awareness in the industry by writing blogs to create social proof.

For example, writing about an aftercare routine that your customers could follow for their extensions, or what ingredients on the lash glue your customers should look out for. 

To enhance your reach try guest blogging.

You could ask local businesses of a similar industry if it’s possible to write a blog connecting their domain as well yours, this would get you their audience as well as yours. 

You could do the same as well and ask them if they would be interested in writing for you. For example, you could write a blog for an esthetician salon’s website about what types of lashes suit different shapes of eyes. 

This would help in creating a good partnership as well as cross-referrals. Linking your website to the guest blog post will also garner clicks to your business and help with your marketing.

A typewriter typing “To blog or not to blog”

While blogging, keep a note of these points 

  • Create digital content that is informative, entertaining, and educational and publish them with attractive photos, that’s a key to getting the attention of your target audience
  • In terms of organic search, publishing long-form content is a good approach
  • Repurpose your blog into different formats. For example, you could turn the long-form blogs into a series of YouTube videos, or combine your blogs of similar interest into an Ebook
  • Don’t forget to optimize your blogs with SEO, along with using the relevant keywords in the content of the blogs use them in the title tags, meta descriptions, and alt texts as well to get ranked better on Google search results

Tip: Remember to link your pages internally. Blogs or content of a similar topic/interest could be linked up and provide all the information that a visitor to your website should get.  

Internal linking would help increase visitors; Google will see that the same user visited several other web pages, and rank your blogs higher.

5. Take that www game up 

Having a website can give you the credibility and trust potential customers are looking for and boost your lash extensions promotion. To build a website that grabs attention in this competitive industry, consider these pointers… 

Ramp up your website’s content

A marketing tip for your eyelash extension business is to optimize your online content with SEO. Not only for your blogs but your homepage, your pricing page, service menu pages, basically your entire website should be SEO optimized. 

SEO-friendly content would get you traffic to your website and for Google to rank you better. 

Proper CTAs (Call To Action) can be put up as pop-ups or at the end of the page to create more action for your business.

CTA’s could be booking an appointment, signing up for your blogs or newsletters, or signing up to get a discount code. Prompt your customers whenever you can. 

Publish your business achievements

Create a landing page on your website that talks about all your lash extension business’s achievements. You can create an online press page on the website to release; 

  • Updates
  • Brand mentions
  • News 
  • Interviews 
  • Reviews
  • Awards 

You can also release an online media tool kit as a part of your marketing strategy with downloadable assets like logos, brand guidelines, and product imagery for journalists, bloggers, and influencers. So that in this way valuable information can be easily accessed.

The layout of your website

As we mentioned before, since it’s a visual business, promotion strategies would be to include eye-catching photographs/graphics on your website

Create SEO-friendly landing pages for your pricing page, the service menu, blogs to keep everything in a segregated manner to avoid clumping all of it into a single page.

Offers/discounts/giveaways/competitions can be mentioned on the website which could increase the website traffic as well as again add to the email lists for email marketing. 

Everybody likes it easy so make it easy for your customers by adding a booking portal to your website for your customers to book appointments seamlessly.

Eyelash extension business owner working on a laptop

P.S If you don’t have a website, Appointy could give you a mini website domain along with the booking/scheduling features and help you with your lash advertising too.

Book a demo now to see Appointy in action now!

Tip: Optimize your website for voice search. Marketing advisors predict that half of the searches carried out online would be based on voice searches. So when a potential customer uses the “near me” feature, it would recite the best local results which could include your website. 

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6. Leverage customers for promotions

Once again you could take the help of your customers to get your eyelash extension advertisement ideas to fruition. 

Let’s be honest we all read reviews and ratings before we buy a product or service. Doesn’t matter if it’s mascara or eyelash glue. Testimonials are an assurance. 

  • To build trust and display proof of good service, you could request a happy customer to leave a review/rating or to record a review video
  • Via surveys or social media polls, you could gather insights by asking your customers to give feedback
  • An age-old advertisement tip for your lash business is referral marketing. You could be employed, for example, by giving out discounts with the help of a referral code 
  • User-generated content could be helpful as people love authenticity and this lets your customers picture easily how other incredible people who are not models look with those lash extensions.

For example, you could start a trend, #slayinglashes, and encourage your customers to post their eyelash extensions to be a part of the trend

Tip: While giving out discounts as a marketing idea, even if you are a beginner,  mention a deadline to keep your customers on their toes. For example, the New Year discount is valid up to only the first 100 customers, hurry and grab your offers! 

This urgency induces the fear of missing out and urgency is one of the powerful triggers in human psychology.

7. Amp your business up with material promotions 

How to promote lash business with psychology? According to the book Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely, the availability of free things makes people change their behavioral patterns. Free is a powerful emotional trigger that’s often irresistible. 

You could use this to your advantage and give out giveaways, gift cards, and much more on certain occasions, for example, seasonal promotions like your salon anniversary or a holiday as part of the lash marketing ideas.

  • Gift cards can be sold for the customers to give to their family and friends on occasions like birthdays/holidays but do consider the timing at which you launch your campaign and plan accordingly so as not to get your promotions lost in the bustle of the holiday season
Gift certificate for eyelash extension business
  • A loyalty card can get you improved customer retention. Your Loyalty Program could get your customers closer to a free service or a 50% off offer. You could give out a stamp after every appointment, and when they produce it on say the 5th appointment they could avail the offer!
  • Giveaways are one of the best lash marketing ideas to engage your customers with your service. Do consider your budget before choosing the giveaway item. For example, you could give away your service or a set of products that you use like eyelash extensions paired with eyelash glue and mascara for a giveaway contest on social media
  • You could also slide in a goodie bag after the service, it could include, for example, aftercare instructions, shampoo/brush to keep the eyelashes clean or coupons, business cards, referral codes. Shower them with love!

Along with appointment booking, Appointy helps you create and sell gift certificates right on your booking page.

When you have a salon you would want Sarah living a block away from you to know about you rather than Laura who is living 100 miles away for the benefit of your business.

With ad targeting from Google, Facebook, Instagram ads, your eyelash extension advertisements get more clicks from the specific geographical location and the target audience that you have set to and fewer unnecessary clicks

Paid ads are highly targeted.

Whichever eyelash extension ads you plan on executing, do make sure you have your research done properly and have good tools to aid you. Creating customized ads or promotional offers that your customers would be interested in would lead to increased conversions. No brainer there!

Google Adwords is a genius tool for advertising. It’s expensive but if you have your planning set right, it could just be the right tip for promoting your eyelash business. 

Depending on the CTR (Click Through Rate), the relevance of the landing pages that the ads send visitors to, Google scores your ad. This score is then a factor for the bidding rate. 

There are several alternatives for Google Adwords like, 

  • Bing Ads of Microsoft, Google’s biggest competitor and much cheaper than Google
  • Pinterest Ads help your business online and get you actionable traffic and in-depth data from your audiences
  • Facebook Ads, the largest social media platform can help you generate leads, increase brand awareness
  • Instagram Ads has the largest engagement rate than any other social media platform
  • Outbrain Ads uses up to 50 algorithms that help to display content that would seem attractive to the customers

9. Go old school to promote locally

You can partner up with your local businesses, talk to the managers/owners, and ask them if they would allow spaces in their shop/studio to put up posters of your eyelash extension business ads. In turn, you could do the same if they have any ads to put up. 

Give out flyers, business cards, or postcards consisting of the services that you provide, coupon codes or sales announcements, if any, your contact information, in community outreaches

Put out your sales announcements in the local newspaper, digital or not people do read newspapers. 

Tip: Donate to organizations in your neighborhood because one, it’s a beautiful thing to do, and two, the organizations would put up your lash business logo/name. This marketing idea would lead to awareness of your business, and you could gather potential customers.

10. Break out of the box virtually

Include technology in your lash marketing ideas. Engage your potential customers through interactive online virtual experiences. Host online workshops or courses that draw on the industry’s digital community. Like we said before, provide value to your community with knowledge.  

You could for example, in these workshops demonstrate how to properly fix up an eyelash extension, how to apply aftercare products. 

A woman recording a video related to eyelash extension.

A lot of beauty brands and services are using AI, to give an in-store experience while you are at home. 

Sephora provides a tool to digitally try on different shades and this gives the customers a hands-on experience while sitting at home.

Tip: Using tutorials it is possible to create Instagram filters easily. You can create filters with different types of eyelashes for your customers to try on so that they can know what suits them best before even coming to your studio/salon.  


Promoting can be overwhelming with not knowing what to do or how to make an impactful impression on your customers but with these lash marketing ideas, you could take the first step and give your business the boost it needs. 

Eyelash businesses can heavily depend on social media platforms since these platforms are visually based platforms that can promote visual products/businesses well. All you need to take care of is knowing what people want, the current trends, and staying active on social media for an easy reach out to more people.

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