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Everything You Wanted to Know About Reserve with Google: ANSWERED

Ever since its pilot launch in December, many questions about Reserve with Google may have come to mind. What is it? Is it really something that can work for you? We thought we should take a shot at answering some of these questions. After all, as a launch partner for RwG (Short for Reserve with Google 😁), we have been working on this for the best part of an year. Phew!


Reserve with Google is a new service from Google that will allow your customers to find (and hopefully book) local services like yours. To start with, RwG is only available for spas, studios and gyms (more industries will be added shortly, starting with salons, beauty salons and Barbers). RwG is also initially only being launched in three cities (San Francisco, LA and New York), with a nation wide launch round the corner.  

RwG allows your customers to search and browse through nearby service providers, compare and book an appointment from Google search, Google Maps or the Reserve with Google website. These appointments are automatically, and instantly reflected in your booking software (such as Appointy).

Google is creating an online marketplace for services, similar to what Uber did for cabs, AirBnB did for homestays, and Expedia did for travel bookings.

q6Yes, it is completely free. There is no extra charge to get your business listed on Reserve with Google. All you need is an account with a scheduling partner (like Appointy). And since Appointy has a free plan as well, there are no ‘hidden costs’ whatsoever. If you feel a paid plan suits your business needs better, you can upgrade. However RwG integration is available in all our plans, and at no extra charge.

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Yes, it can. Reserve with Google is still in its pilot stage, being launched in three cities in only a limited number of industries. However, during the course of 2017, we should see this being scaled up nationwide, and slowly cover additional industries as well.

We believe, that RwG can create significant value (more customers in plain speak) for small business owners such as yours, simply because of the reach that Google enjoys. Google has access to Google Search, Google Maps, Google Now and many other products that together probably help them touch almost every potential customer that has access to the internet/ a smartphone. If they can’t do it, maybe no one can!

RwG can help you get new customers by enabling you to:

  • Reach new customers
  • Allow potential customers to compare and book your services
  • Allow you to showcase your reviews, pricing and availability on the booking platform.
  • Be a part of a discovery platform that is always available, and accessible through a smartphone/ tablet whenever a customer feels the need.

To know about how Reserve with Google can make you money in detail, read our blog post, Five Foolproof ways in which Reserve with Google can “make you money”


Only spas, studios and gyms in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco Bay area can get listed on Reserve with Google currently. Google is expanding soon and this service will soon be available in all areas and for many more industries.

To get listed on Reserve with Google, all you need is an account with Appointy or one of  Google’s other scheduling partners and you’ll be listed automatically.

q4Reserve with Google is still in its pilot stage and is being launched in three cities in only a limited number of industries. However, as the year unfolds, we are hoping to see it being launched around the nation and for many other industries as well. We will keep you updated!


In a nutshell, if you want more customers, then yes!

We don’t mean to write this in jest, but seriously, not everyone wants more customers. Some business owners may have a fixed, repeating clientele, with no aspirations to scale up. They may not need new customers, and this could be a ‘lifestyle’ choice for them.

But on second thoughts, its free. So why not! Get listed, experiment. What do you have to lose?

Your question didn’t make the Top 6?  Shoot it in the comments and we’ll answer it soon 🙂