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How to Choose the Perfect Scheduling Partner for Reserve with Google?

Reserve with Google is the new in thing by Google. It was piloted earlier this year for a handful of business industries in three American cities.

But last month saw a nationwide launch of the service for a number of local businesses. And ever since, everyone is talking about it! 

So what’s all the buzz actually about?

Let’s find out.

What is Reserve with Google (RwG)?

Reserve with Google is a new search-and-book platform by Google for local businesses.

It is an online marketplace which allows customers to search, compare and book local businesses directly from Google Search, Google Maps, or a Reserve with Google website. These local businesses may include barbers, day-spas, yoga classes, accountants, etc. 

Reserve with Google website

The prime value of Reserve with Google is the fact that it caters to all your needs from just a single window.

Right from searching for the service to its payment and writing a review: RwG is your end-to-end solution to everything.

It’s an easier and much more effective way to book services online!

What do you need to get listed on RwG?

An account with a scheduling software which is an official Google-Reserve Partner, along with a Google My Business profile. 

Appointy scheduling partner for Google reserve

What is a Scheduling Partner?

Scheduling Partners are third-party online scheduling software that enable online bookings for your business. They are Google’s trusted partners and an account with any one of them is mandatory for getting listed on Reserve with Google.

Why is Choosing a Scheduling Software a Crucial Step?

Apart from providing online scheduling, most of these software come with additional features to grow and manage your business more efficiently. These features include Analytics, Email Marketing, Gift Certificates, Automatic reminders, Google Calendar integration etc.

While online scheduling software may be universal in nature, the same can’t be said about the features, functionality and services found in the hundreds of scheduling applications that have popped up over the years.

These can vary dramatically from one provider to the next, which makes the selection process an important component in implementing online scheduling software in a business or organisation.

With a lot of steps and a number of Google scheduling apps to choose from, the process of signing up with the perfect scheduling partner may seem a bit tedious and confusing.

But don’t fret!

As the initial launch partner for RwG, and with an experience of over 10 years in the scheduling space, we’ve done all the research for you.

6 questions to ask before you choose a scheduling partner for RwG

#1. Does your scheduling partner have all the functions you need?

It should be able to implement your exact workflow. Appointment scheduling software come with varied features and functionalities and you need to choose one that is suitable for your needs. These features include, Automatic reminders and appointment confirmations, Self scheduling, Calendar Integration, Offers integrated payment processing, etc.



#2. Is your data safe with them?

Read the service license agreement properly. Your should retain all ownership rights over your data and be able to export/edit/delete it anytime you want to.


#3. Does it allow you to take your business wherever you go?

This is a quite important because business isn’t restricted inside the company’s walls these days. You, your customers, and your staff should be able to access your business from anywhere via a mobile app. It’s crucial that you carry your business in your pocket wherever you go.


#4. How dependable is it?

Enquire about the average downtime, provider’s security practices, cloud data storage options, customer support availability, backup procedures and processes related to failover and federal regulations, if applicable. This makes sure that your online scheduling page never goes down. 


#5. Online reputation

Stalk the scheduling partner a bit. Look for reviews on reputed portals like Capterra, Google reviews, Getapp, Merchant Maverick etc. A real-life feedback from actual users can give you a more honest perspective of the software’s utility than what’s written on their website.


#6. Will it fit my budget?

This is an important question. The pricing of Scheduling software varies from free to $100 a month. So choose wisely and invest in a software that fulfils all your requirements without turning your budget upside down.


At Appointy, we understand our customers’ core needs and strive to work for their fulfilment. Our product is powerful, fully-functional, easy to use, and has pricing plans to suit businesses of every size and scale. 

Aaaand, our customers love us!

Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself! 

Appointy rates 5-star among Reserve with Google scheduling partners

Getting listed on reserve with google before anyone else can be a long term strategic advantage! Getting listed is free. Getting booked is free too. What do you have to lose?