9 Effective Yoga Marketing Ideas to Grow your Business in 2023 and beyond

Three women doing yoga in a yoga studio

You’ve set up your yoga studio, put in capital to keep it up and running, and are making sure that it is efficiently managed. When you are putting in so much effort in running your business, why deprive it of its key ingredient: clients? 

Building a ‘steady’ client base is every service-based business’s nightmare. And what can help you achieve this is marketing. Yet, marketing your yoga studio can get as frustrating as managing one. 

The right set of ideas and resources can help you kickstart a successful marketing campaign despite the time it takes to yield fruitful results.

And to help you stir in the right direction, we’ve curated the top 9 yoga marketing ideas that can help you shape a profitable business. 

So, here’s what’s in the blog:

  1. Devise an exciting, fun-themed schedule
  2. Create engaging price packages
  3. Incentivize your classes
  4. Be an active participant in local events
  5. Host events to promote your studio
  6. Partner with other local businesses 
  7. Nail your Online Marketing strategy 
  8. Try your hands at Content Marketing 
  9. Let your website speak for itself

Without any further delay, let’s dive right in!

1. Devise an exciting, fun-themed schedule

The biggest selling point of owning a yoga studio business is the classes you offer. If you want to pull in that crowd, you need to strategize how your classes can be unique, and then sell them accordingly. 

Now, offering unique classes isn’t all about going for a highly discounted price range. A low price point does attract eyeballs, but wait, let’s try to be more creative and yet profitable! 

So what can you do? 

Set the scene for your students by creating a simple yet soothing atmosphere in the studio. Add some pastel shades of curtains, scented candles, lights that aren’t too strenuous to the eye, and some light music (if it goes with the form of yoga you’ll be practicing). 

Don’t forget that more than the yoga classes, it is the experience you sell!

And at the same time, remember to stay trendy. Look up the trending yoga styles and make sure you incorporate them into your classes at least once a week. You can try out Aerial Yoga, Acro Yoga, or even, Hoop Yoga! Depending on the resources and time, include whatever you feel fits best. 

You can even consider creating a special-themed week! 

Yoga is all about feeling heaps energized and at peace once you are through with a session.

And while you must have got a fixed schedule for the week, why not bring some crazy ideas to life for a week? This is an excellent way of standing out of the pack and bringing that uniqueness to your classes.  

During this special-themed week, you can stay away from the usual flow of sessions, which might be taking place at the studio, and instead, step out into nature.

For a week, make the sessions all about getting in that fresh breath of air. Maybe design the schedule in such a way that your students get to re-energize at a different place every day of the week.

2. Create engaging price packages

As has been stated earlier, offering unique classes to attract the crowd isn’t all about discounted prices. But once in a while or during lean periods, you can consider creating smart discounts to get more students through the door. 

Price your services based on your time and expertise. You need to pay your bills too, don’t let it slip your mind. 

Restructure your existing price menu by taking into account the following factors:

  • What are the low-end and high-end price points in your area? 
  • What is the average price range the other yoga studios in your area are offering?
  • Are you able to attract enough students with the current price menu?
  • Is the current pricing profitable for your business?

Strike the right balance when it comes to pricing. Neither should you sell yourself out by keeping the pricing too high nor should you sell yourself short by keeping it too low. 

To help you set a profitable yet engaging yoga price menu, we’ve curated a comprehensive guide for you. Have a look at the guide here!

3. Incentivize your classes

One of the smart yoga studio marketing strategies is introducing referral programs. Under this program, the students who introduce your studio to their friends and family can get rewarded. You earn a new client, they get rewarded, and you can keep the drive going! 

The rewards can be something like these:

  • Your existing student (the referrer) and the new student can have discounted sessions for a few weeks. 
  • Even better, offer discounted membership fees for those who bring in new clients. The more the number of clients, the more the percentage of discount (but make sure you go at a steady pace, not provide a whopping percentage. You don’t want your business to hurt!).

This is also the best way of promoting your studio during the holiday and festival seasons.

Promote your exciting prices during these seasons to attract new clients, and once they get to experience your refreshing sessions, it’s easy to make them stay for a long time!

4. Be an active participant in local events 

Local events are the ideal spots to let more and more people know about your yoga studio and bring in a huge crowd.

Here are a few ways in which you can achieve this:

  • Contribute to a noble cause by participating in charity events. 
  • If your prices are a bit too high than the average price points in your locality, then consider contributing a part of the proceeds for a cause. People will be willing to pay if they know that a certain percentage of their proceeds is going to charity. 
  • Look up local charities and reach out to them. Help them in the best possible way.

5. Host events to promote your studio

Hosting an event is possibly the easiest way of letting people know about your yoga studio. Here are two instances where you can consider hosting an event and get as much footfall as possible:

A. For those who are just starting out

Opening a new yoga studio? Host an ‘Opening Party’ and invite as many people as you can. Invite friends, family, and neighborhood businesses (send an invite to nearby salons, spas, massage centers, local practitioners, gyms, fellow yogis and yoginis, etc.).

That’s not just it!

Consider providing free yoga sessions to the new joiners in the first week. This might sound like a loss to a business owner, but you need to build a steady clientele and the toughest (yet smartest, trust me) way of doing this is by offering such free sessions. 

The upside to this is they get to experience your sessions and all you can do and hope for is that your sessions will speak for themselves. And if you get those clients to join you full-time, then hooray!

B. For those who have been here for quite some time

Now, are you someone who already owns a yoga studio? How about conducting an ‘Open House’?

Open House can be a brilliant community outreach idea when it comes to introducing your business to the local community.

This isn’t just about the locality your studio is located in. You can host an Open House event anywhere from a park to your studio. 

What you need to do is get the promotions of your yoga studio business right! Let everyone (whoever has been mentioned above) know about this event and set the scene for your guests.

Check through this checklist while hosting this event:

  • Send out emails to existing clients and neighboring businesses (who can be your potential partners as well. Confused? Wait till we reach the next yoga marketing idea!).
  • Encourage your invitees to bring a friend along (consider those discounted sessions for both guests 😉).
  • Distribute flyers (even door-to-door and sticking them in public places can help).
  • Offer yoga demos at the event. Explain the benefits of yoga, the incredible lifestyle changes it brings along with it, and why it’s the need of the hour). You need to make your guests feel the urge to join a yoga studio (now that’s what marketing is!).
  • Don’t forget refreshments for your guests. 
  • Distribute leaflets and brochures of your business at the event. 
  • You can also let everyone know that first-time visitors can avail your services at discounted rates. Get in as many new clients as you can. 
  • Announce your event on social media. You need to attract as many eyeballs for the event as possible. Maybe even capture the entire event on video and post it online. Reach miles right from your yoga studio!

6. Partner with other local businesses

A yoga practitioner and a local business owner partnering up

Partnering up with other businesses can help you build on that business awareness and leverage a wider client base. 

You can simply write an email to other local businesses in your locality like a spa, salon, gym, massage center, recreational facility, physiotherapy clinic, retirement homes, etc., and let them know about your yoga studio.

Let them know that you wish to temporarily partner with them and once they send in their approval, kickstart the process.

  • Offer to provide your services to clients who visit other local businesses. And when they get to experience the refreshing nature of yoga, they might even sign up as your client!
  • Provide offers and discounts to clients (by now it’s pretty clear that discounts can help a long way!). 
  • Announce on your social media about the partner-up and attract as many people as possible.

You can even consider visiting a school and getting some footfall at your studio by engaging the students who study there. Showcase some yoga styles, explain their benefits, announce any offers you might have for the new visitors, and create a buzz.

7. Nail your Online Marketing strategy 

This is probably the most sought-after idea, simply because of the wide domain of geographies it is capable of covering. And why not? Social media marketing is the king of attracting new clients.

Here are some of the yoga advertising ideas that’ll help you make the most of social channels:

A. Facebook and Instagram

These are the two widely used social media channels whose number of daily users just keeps going up. So why not make use of these platforms to market your yoga studio?

Here are a few quick ways in which you can leverage Facebook and Instagram to get more new clients:

  • Setting up your profiles isn’t only about filling up key information like contact details, location, and open hours. You need to bring some sort of personalization to the channels, and you can achieve that by adding your business logo and maintaining a consistent brand color throughout. Make sure you add your website link in the bio too!
  • Add aesthetic photos of your studio (both interior and exterior), sessions, and short appealing clips of yoga styles performed by you and your students. 
  • You can also share informative yoga-specific content once a week. Add an appropriate hashtag that is specific to your business to these posts (this is to ensure that once this hashtag gains momentum on it, all your posts can show up when someone simply searches for that hashtag).
  • Reels are the newest trend that has quite literally captivated every person’s attention. Make use of it so that you can end up on the ‘Explore’ page as well. 
  • Add client reviews and feedback in the form of posts, and maximize your credibility. 
  • Make sure you don’t go into social media hibernation for a long time. Keep posting engaging content to keep your existing as well as potential clients hooked to your business!
  • Running paid ads on Facebook and Instagram is a smart digital marketing idea for yoga studios to reach your target audience. You can run targeted ads based on your studio’s location, audience demographics (age, gender, etc.), client interests, and more. 

Pro-tip: Add a ‘Book Now’ button to your social media business pages. This ensures that any client, both existing and potential, is able to book your classes right from these channels (without having to go to your website!).

An intuitive yoga scheduling software can help you add a book button to your Facebook and Instagram pages, and your booking link to other platforms as well.

B. Google My Business 

How valuable would it be for your business if it showed up on Google search results? Incredibly valuable! 

Get listed on GMB so that your yoga studio shows up on the search result page and lets the searcher know all the key details surrounding your business. 

The listing shows them where and how to visit your studio, along with your contact details, website, open hours, reviews, etc. 

Check out the example given below. The initial search results of ‘Yoga studio in Brooklyn’ list out businesses with a Google My Business listing.

Google search results of 'Yoga studio in Brooklyn'

But that’s not it! You can convert your GMB listing into a booking engine with Reserve with Google!

Reserve with Google lets searchers book online sessions with you directly from Google Search, Maps, and the RwG website. You get a ‘Book’ button on your business’s Google listing which can let clients book you anytime, anywhere. 

Also, to get listed on RwG, you will need to choose a yoga booking software that can facilitate bookings through Google. 

Pro-tip: Consider getting listed on free online directories like Yelp, and yoga-specific directories like Yoga Finder, Yoga Alliance, My Area Yoga, etc.

C. YouTube

The best place for marketing a yoga studio and showcasing different yoga styles is YouTube. Get the camera out, shoot some intriguing videos, and upload! 

You can utilize YouTube not just for videos, but also for some health tips and instructive content.

Make a weekly schedule of what you wish to post, and choose a day and time that you’ll be able to stick to throughout. Maintain this weekly cadence of posting to keep your clients engaged. 

Promote your channel on Facebook and Instagram too, so that your audience has something to look forward to. 

Oh and also, make use of YouTube Shorts, the newest feature, to make short videos with a piece of soothing background music.

D. LinkedIn

You can utilize this professional platform to post informative articles, reach out to yoga professionals/ yogis/ yoginis (maybe even get a guest instructor for one of the classes or during lean periods!), and build your network. 

You may even find potential local businesses to partner with! If you write blogs, consider posting them here so that your expertise in this field is recognized. 

E. Email list

Having an email contact list is extremely crucial when you run a service-based business. But you should know how to utilize one too.

  • Send out a welcome email to every new joiner.
  • Send class reminders at predefined times. Appointy’s yoga booking system lets you send automated text and email reminders to clients so that you have maximum class turn-out.  
  • You can send offers, discounts, upcoming events, etc. to students to keep them engaged.

To help you build and utilize an email list effectively, we have put together a comprehensive guide. Click here to jump right in!

8. Try your hands at Content Marketing

It is true what they say about Content being the ultimate King! 

And that brings us to one of the most effective yoga studio marketing ideas – Content Marketing.

Consider writing blog posts. If it’s the first time for you, don’t worry! Take your time and read articles to see how people have framed likeable content. Include photos and tips and make it your own!

While writing a blog post will help you grab the attention of a few, you need to focus on grabbing the attention of a big chunk of people. And what can help you do that is: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine optimized content can help your blog post turn up on search results for the relevant keywords that you use in your post.

The first step in this process is doing your own keyword research. You can use free tools like Keyword Generator and Wordtracker to research the keywords and find the relevant ones to be added to your articles.

This can help you rank on the Google search result page, bring in free, organic traffic to your website, and encourage more and more clients to book sessions with you.

9. Let your website speak for itself

Your yoga studio’s website is that one-stop-shop for every business detail. And having one is just as crucial.

Here are a few quick tips that can help you own a professional, sleek, and perfectly-built website to elevate your yoga studio’s marketing:

  • Try easy-to-use tools like Weebly and Wix to build a customized yoga website. They come with dozens of exciting features that you can utilize to your advantage.
  • Set a brand logo and determine your brand color. Make sure you use a consistent brand color throughout your website to give a professional experience to your clients. 
  • Set all the key sections like contact details, location details, social media channel links (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube), open hours, services offered, price menu, reviews, gallery, blogs, events/ updates, etc. Update these details as and when required, but make sure this doesn’t slip your mind.
  • Check and ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.
  • You can also add a booking widget to your website to prompt clients to schedule an appointment with you right from the website. 

Wrapping Up

Phew! That was a pretty exhaustive list, wasn’t it? But one thing is clear – marketing takes effort!

If you plan well in advance, strategize a yoga studio marketing plan, stay consistent, revisit your existing plan to improvise it further, and stay hopeful, you’ll get there! 

We hope this blog helped you overcome your marketing inhibitions and provided you with the will to kickstart a promising business journey. 

Do let us know in the comments if you know any other yoga marketing ideas, we would love to hear them from you! 

Till then, happy marketing! 😃

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