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The Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Google Business Profile

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Google Business Profile (GBP) was formerly known as Google My Business. It is a free online tool designed to allow you (small business owners) to promote your business information on both Google Maps and Google Search.

GBP enables you to constantly update your business profile, get in touch with your customers, and monitor how customers interact with your business online. In this case, you should consider GBP as your own personal property on Google local. 

When prospecting customers find themselves in a micro-moment or a moment of need, they are likely to turn their attention to Google Search. Doing so will help them fulfill their needs as fast as possible.

So, having your own Google Business Profile will compel potential customers to find and even contact your business in order to satisfy their crucial needs. 

Here is a complete guide to Google Business Profile that you may need to know.

Importance of Having a Google Business Profile

You should know that Google Business Profile is not a replacement for your website. Instead, GBP is the complementary marketing profile that can help you drive more traffic to your website. Its features play a significant role in attracting, engaging, and converting customers and you can gather data on how to attract and convert leads to your site.

A verified GBP can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Connecting you with customers through messaging, responding to reviews or phone calls
  • Featuring photos, products, and menu items on Google Maps and Google Search
  • Showing you how customers connect and interact with your brand/products on Google Maps and Google Search

To enjoy the above-mentioned benefits, you should create or claim your Google Business Profile first. This process is simple and straightforward as explained in the following section.

How To Create Your Google Business Profile (GBP) Account

Steps to create a Google Business Profile

Steps to Follow When Creating Your Google Business Profile

Step 1: Access to get started

Make sure that you book this address while creating your GBP. The address will be necessary whenever you want to access your GBP listing.

Step 2: Use your Google account to log in

In case you don’t have your own Google account, you can visit to create a new account using any email address.

Step 3: Submit your business name

While entering your name, make sure to spell it correctly. Also, use Title Case to capitalize every first letter of each name. Using a Title Case is the first impression that your target audience notices as it will provide a positive experience to those who access your profile.

Step 4: Submit your business address

Once you have entered your business name correctly, the next step will require you to enter the business address. The reason why you may have to submit your business address is to ensure that Google verifies the existence of your business. In this regard, don’t use your mailbox or post office box address because you are only required to have only one business per residence.

Step 5: Choose between a storefront and a service provider

At this point, you may decide whether your customers should visit your storefront or access your services remotely. If you settle for the latter, your customers won’t have to visit your office. So, you will have to choose a specific town, city, or state, or use a group of several zip codes to help clients access your services. Alternatively, you may have to consider operating your business within a mile radius in areas where most of your clients are found. 

Step 6: Select your business category

It is important to choose your primary category since it will dictate where or when you are likely to show up on Google Maps and Google Search. Bear in mind that Google is all about providing relevant information to the target audience. Therefore, potential customers will easily access your business by searching a given category of business. A primary category will certainly make your business profile show up easily and quickly in Google search results.

Step 7: Include your website and phone number

Google Business Profile tracks both website clicks and phone calls, so ensure that the information you provide is accurate.

Step 8: Confirm your local listings using a postcard

Verification of your local listing will help you manage and control your business information in Maps, Search, or other Google properties. The verification process allows Google to know if your business information is correct. The process also ensures that you are the only one who has access to that business information.

Step 9: Optimize your GBP listing

Optimize your Google Business Profile to make it known and popular to your audience.

How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile Account

Once you have already created your GBP account, it is time to optimize it. Optimization of your GBP ensures that you are using it to your maximum. 

Here’s what an optimized GBP looks like:

Optimized GBP example

Make the most of your GBP by following these steps to optimize your profile:

  • Fill your entire profile by providing Google with information about your business. Every piece of information you provide allows Google to connect your business with your potential customers. Optimizing your GBP account improves the ranking online.
  • Use high-quality photos while creating your Google Business Profile to help people recognize your brand. Add a cover photo and business logo for easy identification.
  • Update your profile with news and special offers. Go to your profile and sign in to open the location you would want to manage. Proceed to the left-hand menu and click Posts then choose the category of posts you want to create. Enter the required information in the provided field and click Preview to check the spelling and formatting. Click Publish after you are done with the above steps. 
  • Include special features, services, and attributes such as product tags, service menus, popular dishes, an online link for available orders and reservations, and a list of amenities provided. The features you may list depend on the type of business you are running.
  • Urge your customers to leave their reviews or opinions and respond to each one of them in time.
  • Add relevant calls to action buttons like Reserve, Learn More, Buy, etc. to your profile, for free! This will help you get customers, directly from your GBP. 

Tip: If you own a service-based business, the booking CTA, or Reserve with Google (RwG) is the best thing you can do to your profile. With RwG, you can allow people to book an appointment with your right from Google Search, Maps, or the RwG website! 

To be eligible for RwG, you need to have an account with a partner scheduling software, like Appointy.  

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Final Thought

Your Google Business Profile account makes it possible for new customers to access your products and services online. For that reason, take advantage of GBP to start attracting, engaging, retaining, and even converting new customers as soon as possible. Download and install your Google Business Profile app on your smart device today to take your business to the next level.

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