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Tax Preparation Marketing: 10 Tips to Attract More Clients and Boost your Business

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Tax season is ongoing and it is time you start preparing and implementing tax season advertising ideas for this year! At your hand, you will not only have confused taxpayers but also big competition from other tax firms. This is when you start implementing tax marketing ideas and target the right audience.

More times than not, it is catering to a specifically targeted niche that gives a practice the competitive edge required to pull ahead. Knowing your target audience, understanding the marketplace and focusing on your clients makes you better equipped to cater to the exact needs of your target market.

Here are some marketing ideas for tax preparers that we will be discussing so you can grow your tax business:

What are some tax marketing ideas to grow your tax practice?

As we mentioned before, it is still a little difficult for people to fathom professional services giving out flyers or even showing up on billboards for marketing their tax business. But the increasing competition makes it imperative that your firm gets the exposure it needs. 

Showing you are competent and good at your job is only half the battle. Once you get a steady stream of clients through your front door, only then can you totally believe that the quality of your work will maintain a steady stream of revenue.

For that very reason, we have 10 tax business marketing strategies that will help you do exactly that. You can skip directly to whichever tip resonates the most with you:

  1. Website
  2. Social Media
  3. Google My Business
  4. Blog 
  5. SEO
  6. Word of Mouth
  7. Other Advertising Methods
  8. Brand Identity
  9. Customer Service
  10. Scheduling Software

Strengthen your digital presence:

A lot of the time, it feels like you need to hire an outside agency or hire someone internally to take care of your online presence. But we have a few simple strategies that you might be able to handle with just a little research.

While there is no guarantee that you won’t require additional help, it is important to know that garnering online attention to improve tax preparation advertising can be free and simple to execute.

1. Website

A website that is responsive and user-friendly is paramount, not just for tax companies but all small businesses. Having a website will make it easier for your customers to find one single location to find all your information.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Most people nowadays access information on the go, which means making sure your resources are available on mobile phones is a good idea. 

Add relevant, SEO-friendly content to a well-performing website and increase your chances of attracting clients by a lot. Track your website performance, see what content works and what you can do to improve your SEO opportunities. While this may require help from a digital tax marketing agency, it is an investment that will help in the long run.

2. Social media

Increasing your digital footprint will not just help your brand but also help you with reaching a wider audience. There are multiple online platforms that you can utilize to improve your business’ public awareness.

According to Pew Research Center, the most commonly used social media platforms are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These are the platforms that you should leverage to access the broadest range of audiences. 

research on social media

Source: Pew Research Center

Here’s a tip!

Ever wonder how to get tax clients and retaining them without bouncing while they look for a booking link? Here’s the solution!

Adding a CTA button to your Facebook page can increase click-through rates by a colossal 285%!

Add a “Book Now” button to your social channels like Instagram and Facebook so your clients don’t have to spend time searching around for a booking link!

3. Google my business profile

The best way to strengthen your online presence is to show up on Google. Research shows that 46% of people look for a local business when they conduct their research. Add a book button to your Google My Business profile so you can display important data and information about your firm, contact details, and a website link that appear directly in the search results.

After all, if your customers want to find out about your timings, or other protocols and restrictions, they will most likely search it up on Google, which is why GmB is crucial for any business.

Google allows you to get direct bookings from your business listing through Reserve with Google. You can add a “Book” button to the Google listing and convert your prospects into clients.

4. Blog

blog about tax marketing

Any modern firm should have a blog, be it to impress prospective clients, or keep them informed. In addition to showing up on search results, you get a chance to showcase your knowledge by posting valuable content.

Most tax professionals answer the same questions, year after year. Why not turn all these questions into a blog post? Everyone likes an FAQ, it’s simple, informative and demonstrates how well you know tax law and other aspects of it.

To improve on these tax marketing ideas, attaching brochures, tax organizers, guides, and any other topic from the whole list of concepts and content would be a good idea.

5. SEO

One of the best tax advertising ideas to go along with your website and blogs is search engine optimization. While SEO is a very broad term for a range of techniques, the key is to get the content to the right audience online.

There are a lot of experts online that specialize in SEO. This tax marketing idea is an ongoing strategy to generate low-cost, high-quality leads to really boost your online tax marketing efforts.

Improve advertising efforts:

While your online presence can help you majorly, you cannot ignore your traditional ways of tax preparation marketing. Each and every technique matters and works for a different subset of your target audience.

6. Word of mouth

Encouraging reviews is a good way to obtain a reputable brand for your company. Most customers read online reviews when researching which business they want to work with. Make sure you garner a decent number of reviews for your company. Reviews are helpful, not just to improve client perception but so you can rank higher on Google.

Start rewarding referrals and make them hard to ignore, like if you charge $300 to prepare a tax return, you retain a client for 2 years, the lifetime value for that client becomes $600. Referrals are an excellent way to increase online exposure and attract more clients.

7. Other advertising methods


While this is a little archaic, postcards can still be an effective way for advertising tax services. For direct mail campaigns, the average return on investment is between 18% – 20%. It might not seem like a huge turnover, but every little bit counts when you try to find ways in how to advertise tax services. Postcards with tax preparation ads increase public awareness. In fact, you can target specific clients without engaging in the hassles of mass mailings.


Another idea is tax prepaper advertising ideas. It is an equally archaic method to hand out flyers in your local area, especially if you are a completely new business. You can outsource the graphic designing of said flyers to a professional to create one attractive enough to catch the eyes of people.

flyers on walls and postcards for tax marketing

Have a stellar reputation:

It is important to know that marketing for tax professionals might stick out because the general public is not used to seeing accounting professionals marketing. To remedy this instability in public opinion, you need to make sure your firm has an outstanding reputation and that your existing clients trust.

8. Brand identity

As a business owner, you decide what your brand looks like. Having an identity that will resonate with your clients is how you get more tax clients and is the best way to create a brand that everyone loves and trusts. Here are the 3 V’s you should follow, Visual, Voice, and Value.

Visual: Visually your brand can include a logo, a recognizable color palette, and your website can have the same aesthetic as your office. 

Voice: It’s how your business sounds. The way you communicate with your clients, the wording of your blogs, and websites. And it needs to be consistent throughout, whether you want it to sound professional or frank, or friendly. That you can decide by pinpointing your target market, which should be work already done when you were creating your business plan.

Values: Your brand values are what matter to you, in the professional realm and the personal realm. What are you passionate about, what do you love about your job and who do you want to help?

9. Customer service

Customer services need to be a part of marketing instead of an afterthought. Most businesses invest a lot of time and energy in attracting clients but after that is done, a fraction of an afterthought is given to retaining said clients. 

It is your job to make the client feel happy and satisfied with your services by meticulously following up and personalizing their sessions.

Another way to improve customer satisfaction is to respond to negative reviews. Treat bad reviews as urgent and as an opportunity to change the mind of an upset client.

Use a scheduling software:

a clock and a calendar

Wanting more ROI in less time is every business’ want. A scheduling software is the way to go about it. Your business will fare much better with a lot more convenience if you put all your admin and desk-job work on auto-pilot and focus on your clients.

Your online booking portal can be your marketing manager by helping you appear on top of the SERP results, will help you make data driven decisions with report features and will act as one single interface for every single business need.

Action Item

Automating your marketing efforts has never been easier!

If you need a tool that helps you streamline your booking process, improve strategies for marketing tax services and prep better for your future appointments, you’re at the right place.

A tax appointment scheduling software is what you need that will help you manage your daily admin tasks easily so you can focus more on your job!

Parting thoughts

tax statement papers

Effective tax services advertising will help you draw the relevant audience, where you can provide targeted help and showcase your expertise. But to do that, you need to make sure your other business needs are taken care of. 

To clarify: Spending your time and effort on marketing, admin work, business management and also focusing on your clients sounds like a plate too full. To make it easier, leveraging existing tools that make your job simpler so you can focus on helping your clients is a must! 

Try Appointy’s professional services scheduling software and join a community of professionals who trust Appointy all around the world.

We hope these tax marketing ideas help you grow your business and foster long-lasting client relationships.

All the best!

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