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How to Increase Your Business Revenue with an Online Booking System

A local business owner using an online booking system on his laptop

The world has increasingly adapted to do its tasks through online systems, whenever and wherever possible. Why? Because online systems provide both efficiency and effectiveness. 

As a business owner, you not only face a lack of efficiency but also lose money and clients while taking bookings manually. However, with an online booking system, you can not only efficiently operate your business but can also gain more revenue & clients. Sounds too easy? 

Let’s look at some data-backed stats to prove this:

  • 94% of individuals would be more likely to choose a new service provider if they offered online booking options.
  • Businesses gain an average revenue increase of 27% when using online booking systems.
  • In some cases, local businesses that added online booking systems to their website increased their revenue by up to 120%.

120% is music to the ears of any business owner, right?! You too can have the same outcome with efficient online booking software. More revenue, more clients, and more time!  

So here’s what’s in the blog. You can click on any section to jump directly to it!

  1. Easy booking process equals quick revenue generation
  2. Automate your tasks to get back hours in your day 
  3. Level up your marketing game and gain more customers

1. Easy booking process equals quick revenue generation

Your potential customers have hundreds of options aside from you. The experience that you give them from the beginning determines whether they would be willing to engage with your business or not. 

To begin with, if they find it difficult to book with you, the likelihood of them turning to your business is going to be less.  

Having to wait for hours for a response or being directed to your voicemail would be a huge turn-off for your customers. That’s where appointment scheduling software comes in. You can have a seamless booking experience with the help of features like real-time availability, accessibility from any device, automated communication, etc.

Keeping all the details of your services, available dates, etc. visible in one place can also cut out the time required to inquire about the same. Make it simple and extremely easy for your customers to book you. Nobody likes it hard!

Two people booking an appointment online

A. Be available throughout the day 

Let’s look at a scenario, where you are taking in an appointment via call and looking at the appointment book to fit in your client. At the same time, another client calls you but your phone appears busy. Now, how many clients would you lose like that by the time you fix one appointment? 

Hence, never miss an opportunity to get more clients. 

With a booking system, you let them book you at their own convenience 24/7. You can get clients when you close the shop for the day, go out for lunch, or even while attending to a client. Plus, surveys show that 35% of customers prefer to book appointments after business hours. You can bag these clients as well with an online appointment system!  

This 24/7 active booking system can get you, multiple clients, at the same time, avoid scheduling errors, and update your real-time availability as well. 

Replacing your appointment book with an appointment booking software can ease your booking operations, and help you gain clients even when you are away from your workstation or phone.  

B. Offer hassle-free & secure payments 

As a business owner, making your customer’s booking journey smooth is advantageous for your business. Try to remove any roadblocks in the process to keep your customers happy and satisfied. 

One such roadblock is the payment procedure. And because of that setback, customers might not engage with your business. That’s a potential revenue loss for you. 

Offering your clients multiple options for payments like debit or credit cards, cash, online payments, etc. can widen up a variety of audiences. For online payments, however, there might be a hesitation in giving out credit card details.  

We can’t blame anyone for being hesitant, right? With scams luring everywhere, there will be a hiccup in giving out credit card information online. 

But using secure and recognized payment gateways, for example, PayPal can ensure that your clients’ transactions are safe. 

You can also take deposits to cut out losses if there is a no-show. A booking system that automatically takes in the deposit will benefit you well. An intuitive booking system like Appointy can accept full or a fixed prepayment from your clients at the time of booking, ensuring that your appointment is secure from any potential revenue loss.  

Easy and secure online payments

C. Take in appointments via multiple platforms

Your clients could stumble upon your business via Google or social media while searching for a service that you provide. Smartly placing a booking option can get you clients from right there. 

As we said before, your customers have multiple options other than you, so why not remove their decision fatigue? Provide them with a provision to book you as soon as they find you regardless of the platform. 

I. Instagram and Facebook 

There are 3.96 billion active social media users, and almost all of them could be your potential clients. 

With a ‘Book Now’ button on your Instagram and Facebook business accounts, your clients can easily land on your Booking Page with just a tap. 

This will also help you in increasing your overall bookings. They have the option to book you as soon as they view your business online. No need to go to your website, email you, or DM you. Cut down as many steps as possible for your customers. 

Pro-tip: Tweak it a bit by creating ad campaigns on these platforms that would get you fresh leads and make your business more visible. 

II. Booking page

With online scheduling software, you can get a booking page that can reduce any scheduling friction. You can add your services, staff details, slots available, etc. to cut out any confusion or double bookings. 

You can optimize your booking page by posting the positive reviews that you have received. This will showcase your business’s strength, and ultimately help move customers further down the funnel. Trust is valuable, and with these real reviews, you can gain their trust for your services or product. 

For gaining extra revenue, cross-sell on your booking page. Add promotional services or gift certificates or discount coupons that they can redeem while booking. 

Based on the insights that you get from customer data you can upsell as well. For example, if a customer has bought a product from you, the next time they book with you ask them if they would like this product as an add-on along with the service they have booked for. 

III. Reserve with Google

When your business is listed on Google My Business, potential clients can find you through Google Maps, Assistant, or Google Search. And with Reserve with Google, those potential customers can book you. 

This booking option can give you a competitive edge over your competitors if you are partnered with RwG. Details like services, prices, slots available, etc. along with a booking option will be visible for the searchers. They will not have to go to your website or call you to book an appointment.

To utilize RwG to its fullest, you need to integrate your business with online booking software like Appointy

Maximum visibility + Frictionless booking = Gain more clients. 

Simple formula!

D. Provide virtual experiences

Ever since the pandemic, the world has opted heavily for a digital lifestyle. Many industries like consultancy, tutoring, and even fitness utilize virtual interactions. 

Booking systems that were integrated with virtual platforms like Zoom helped business owners not lose their business. It allowed clients to book digitally for video conferences or events. 

Never lose the opportunity to do business wherever you are. 

A business owner with clients in a virtual meeting

E. No more no-shows or cancellations

No-shows and cancellations not only lead to a loss of revenue but also time. 

With scheduling software, clients can see the slot that has been canceled and can book themselves in, filling that empty slot. 

As we mentioned before, taking in deposits will also urge customers to show up because they have already made a financial commitment.

Additionally, automated appointment reminders can be crucial in minimizing no-shows.

F. Enable self-scheduling

According to a survey, 50% of clients prefer online scheduling over a phone call. With easy-to-operate scheduling software, customers can book themselves in without you ever having to look over or hire anyone to handle the bookings. 

You might have guessed by now, but we love data. And according to the same survey that we mentioned above, small business owners with 2-9 employees can heavily increase average revenue by 38%, and owner-operated businesses experienced a 44% increase in revenue after implementing an online booking system. 

Sounds too good to be true, right?

2. Automate your tasks to get back hours in your day

Apart from producing more ways to get you revenue, online scheduling software also help you cut down on the daily admin.

Let’s take a look at some of the admin tasks in any business:

  • Jot down the schedules of your employees and alert them 
  • Sending multiple reminders via email/ text or calling them
  • Collecting feedback forms 
  • Acquiring the contact details/ information you need before an appointment

Well, we could go on but you get the idea… 

There are so many tasks at hand and one slip-up could lead to double bookings, no-shows, and so much inconvenience which inadvertently leads to a loss of time and revenue.

Online appointment software can help you reduce a lot of the workload that a business owner has. This can free up the time for you to concentrate on other parts of your business, for example, designing marketing campaigns. 

A stressed business owner due to hectic admin work

Well, why let the admin tasks mess up your business when you can have dependable online appointment booking software for your small business? 

It can help you with a lot of tasks, some of which are:

  • Schedule appointments that are reflected on your calendar
  • Send automated reminders 
  • Accept online payments 
  • Fill in customer details 
  • Collect feedback/ reviews
  • Update rescheduled or canceled appointments automatically

Scheduling software can also generate real-time reports which can help you make better and refined business decisions.  For example, the services that were booked by your clients the least. You can optimize that service to gain more clients. 

3. Level up your marketing game and gain more customers

Marketing is an effort to push your business into the limelight where people can notice you. It can help you build a connection with your clients, instill trust, and ultimately, make your clients engage with you.

Now, marketing is not just putting out ads. There are tons of ways you can market your business. Let’s focus on the strategies that can increase your revenue with the help of an appointment booking system. 

A. Upsell effectively

Integrating online appointment scheduling software into your business will help in obtaining additional insight into the customer’s preferences, which further helps you create a more personalized experience

With these customer insights, it’s much easier to create, publish, promote, and sell product or service packages and add-ons online. And with a booking system in place, you would be able to upsell right at the time of booking as well. 

B. Utilize email marketing

Email marketing is such a simple yet effective strategy that you can use to engage more clients to bring in revenue. According to Campaign Monitor’s 2016 Annual Email Marketing Report, email marketing delivers a return of $44 for every dollar spent.

You can email your clients about special deals, and sales to gain their interest and engagement. Once clients see that you send emails that are worth it and aren’t just spam, they will more likely get hooked. 

With a system that can already have email marketing in place or can integrate with third-party email marketing systems, this strategy just becomes so much simpler to execute. 

C. Make use of the testimonials

Here with the stats again!

90% of consumers read testimonials before visiting a business. In fact, 72% won’t even take action until they read about the experiences of a previous customer.

Your clients need to trust you to engage with you. They need to know they aren’t spending their hard-earned money on an unfulfilling business. So, what you gotta do is to ask for reviews after every appointment. And this task becomes easy with scheduling software that can automatically send a feedback form right after the appointment via email. 

Post the positive reviews on platforms your potential clients would notice, like your website or social media. This can encourage your potential clients to book you and help you in increasing your revenue. 

D. Gain loyal clients 

Customers who trust you and consider you as a credible professional business can most likely become huge advocates of your business. The traditional word-of-mouth strategy can be executed from this trust. 

To bring out that trust, you need to give them valuable experiences. This can lead to immense loyalty as well. For example, offer exclusive discounts or coupons for those clients who are on your email list. You could also offer gift certificates for those who are members of your loyalty program. 

According to a study, as many as 84% of customers prefer brands that offer loyalty programs. And, 66% of customers say their spending behavior changes with the ability to earn rewards.

Let these promotional offers be easily redeemable while booking online. Remember, make bookings easier! 

Wrapping up 

By investing in an online booking system, you can drastically improve the efficiency and revenue generation of your business. It might take you a while before you get well-versed with the whole functionality of an online booking software, but that’s okay. Be patient, find the right software that suits your business, and get started!

To help you save time spent on looking for a suitable scheduling software, we have written a detailed blog on how to choose the best one for your business. Tap here to jump to it right away!

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