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7 Simple and Low-Budget Christmas Marketing Ideas for Salons and Spas in 2022

Christmas marketing ideas for salons and spas

The Christmas bells are ringing! 🔔

It’s the holiday season and the festivities are about to start. This is the time of year when people look forward to their salon and spa visits, grooming themselves, and looking their absolute best!

This makes December the best time to bring in more customers for your salon/ spa and keep the appointment book full. All your clients need is a gentle nudge and they’ll be ready to add a few self-pampering appointments to their holiday splurge. 

Hence, we bring to you some simple, but effective Christmas marketing ideas for salons and spas to help you attract more customers, and boost your sales this holiday season. 

Christmas marketing tips to get more customers to your salon or spa

This is a great time to appreciate your existing customers to boost retention, and at the same time find new customers, and turn them into loyal ones. The following spa and salon Christmas marketing ideas will help you achieve both these goals. 

Get yourself ready because you’re going to be jam-packed with clients at your spa or salon, and might even need to work extra hours after you implement these ideas! 

1. Bring out the Christmas vibes – online and offline

There’s something about the festive vibes that can easily grab attention and make people feel connected and happy. This, in turn, makes them want to indulge a bit and join in the festivities, even if it’s for a quick Christmas-themed nail art or for a fleck of red in their hair. 

Christmas themed nails in a nail salon

So the first order of business is to deck up your shop! 

Bring the sparkle to your salon or spa with Christmas decorations. Put up beautiful fairy lights, add a small Christmas tree, red and white balloons, and other beautiful decorations. You can also set the right mood with the right Christmas playlist for your salon/ spa – Christmas carols and songs (I mean, what’s Christmas without a bit of Mariah Carey!).

Another cool tactic would be to set a Christmas theme for you and your staff. For example, you all dress only in red and white for the whole week or two. 

One more very important part of setting the right Christmas vibe is through your business website and social media handles!

Add Christmas special promotions or themes on your website. You can add pictures, banners, or even pop-ups to grab attention. Post pictures of your Christmas-ready salon or spa on your social media profiles. Change the cover and profile pictures that match the theme and plan your Christmas social media posts in advance. 

Christmas decorations in hair salon or spa

2. Be the Santa on your spa or salon social

Who doesn’t love gifts? Especially when they’re your favorite things (or services)! 

You could be your customers’ and social media followers’ Santa this year – by organizing social media contests and Christmas giveaways.

This is the time to bring your creative abilities to your salon/ spa social and think of attractive contests that boost your reach and engagement. Here are some social media Christmas ideas for you to start with:

  • Best Christmas selfie: Festivals and pictures go hand-in-hand. You can run a contest on your Facebook or Instagram page where your followers post their pictures as a post/ story and tag your salon or spa. The lucky winner can get exclusive discounts on your services, bring a friend along, or receive a free add-on service! 
  • Christmas wishlist: In this contest, you can ask your followers to create a wishlist of your salon/ spa services and products and comment on your post, or put it up in their stories. The winner, chosen through a lucky draw, can get their wish list for free! 
Christmas selfie contest on salon or spa social

You can run any other contests that you think would attract your followers. Ultimately, it’s you who’s going to get the greatest Christmas present in the form of increased social media reach and engagement, and new customers as well! 

It can be easier to convert your followers into customers within just a few clicks, right through Facebook or Instagram.

How? With a book now button. By creating an account with a partner scheduling software, you can add a booking call to action button to your accounts, and get more customers!

3. Christmas promotional deals to increase footfall 

It’s the time when people look forward to spa and salon visits. Moreover, many people head back to their hometowns for the holidays. You can make the most of this opportunity by offering attractive deals and discounts on your services. In this way, you can get more new (even some high-paying) customers to your spa/ salon to try out your services. 

Here are a few ideas to help you plan your Christmas offers:

  • Christmas special discounts: Small discounts like a 20% off or a $15 discount on the most sought-after services can encourage your existing customers as well as the new ones to visit your spa or salon. 
  • Discounts for bringing a friend/ partner: Salon and spa visits can be even more exciting when people get to bring their besties along and get to pay less. Introducing offers for bringing along another person will help you enhance your sales and get new customers as well!
  • Service packages for Christmas: Bundle the services that customers prefer to avail together, especially during the holiday season. For example, you can create a package of full body wax and threading along with a simple haircut, or you could combine a full body scrub with massage, at a lower price than the individual services. 
  • Gift cards and vouchers: These are some of the most popular Christmas presents and can help you boost sales. Be sure to put an expiry date on your gift cards and vouchers, especially around February and/ or March beginning. This will help you fill up your appointment book during the quieter months. 

Many salon and spa booking software, like Appointy, let you create discount coupons that can be applied at the time of booking, to automatically reduce the service charges with online prepayments. They also let you create and customize your gift cards and sell them easily while booking. 

4. Christmas gifts for loyal salon customers

The secret to the success of a salon or spa business is the loyal customer base, the people who have stayed by your side for years together. Christmas is the perfect time to appreciate the love and support they’ve showered upon you, and keep your customer loyalty intact. 

You can make this happen in three ways: 

  1. Gift them Christmas special boxes full of love. Put in small chocolates, candles, decoration items, discount coupons for their future visits, some favorite retail products or essentials, and anything else you like. Wrap them with Christmas-themed gift papers, and don’t forget to put a personalized note inside, thanking them for choosing you!
  2. Provide exclusive discounts and offers to customers, thanking them for their loyalty. You could give them discounts that are a little higher than the ones that you’re giving to the general public. Let them pay less for beauty services and retail items. 
  3. You could utilize this as an opportunity to get more loyal customers, with help from the existing ones. Offer discounts on the next 5-6 visits when they refer you to a friend or bring someone along. 
Boost customer loyalty with Christmas presents

These gestures will help your loyal customers feel valued, and make you their choice in the future as well!

At the end of the day for beauty businesses, word-of-mouth is the best marketing tactic out there. Loyal customers breed loyal customers.

5. Attract less frequent customers

Your most common customers probably are women of a certain age group. But there are some sections of the population that do not really visit a salon or spa very often – kids, men, and the elderly!

Christmas can be a perfect time to get these customers familiar with your services. You can introduce special Christmas promotional offers for them. Here are some ideas for you to begin with: 

  • Offer discounts for males, seniors, and young customers, especially on the most common services. The most common service for children would be a haircut, while men might also want facial hair services, and the elderly like to relax with facials, massages, etc. Keep this in mind and plan your offers.
  • Bundle up the services into perfect packages for each group. For example, package a haircut, facial hair trim, and face massage together for the male customers, a full body massage with a facial for the elderly. 
  • Encourage your existing customers to bring along their family members, especially those who lie in these groups. It will be a good opportunity for your frequent customers to relax because their loved ones will also be doing the same! Offer discounts to both parties and see how your client count increases this Christmas.
  • Lay emphasis on the experience you deliver to your customers in your promotions. This is what matters to these customers, especially the senior ones! 

6. Boost retail sales this December

The New Year is around the corner and you want to push out your old retail stocks. Right?

Christmas can be the best time to do this! 

Offer discounts on retail items, especially the less popular ones. Or you can bundle them up at special prices along with the hottest products. This way you’ll be able to sell the products which your customers generally ignore or refrain from purchasing. You can also sell these items as Christmas gift packages, wrapped in an attractive Christmas theme. 

Christmas gift baskets of salon/ spa retail products

7. Improve January and February sales

Salons and spas in December are generally filled with bookings, keeping the stylists so busy that they don’t find time to breathe! But usually, the following months of the New Year – January and February – seem quieter and scantily filled. 

To overcome this, you can offer exclusive discounts. Let customers pre-book their Jan and Feb appointments with you during the Christmas period by giving them irresistible offers. This will help you fill your appointment book during these times in advance, and kick-start the coming year!

We are also planning on launching a salon marketing guide for 2022, to help you go over and beyond your business goals next year. If you wish, we can deliver it straight to your inbox, just leave your email address below:

Don’t forget to inform customers!

For your well-planned Christmas promotion strategy to work, your customers and potential customers need to know about it. So this makes one of the final, but most crucial steps. 

Make public announcements of your Christmas sale through your spa/ salon website and social media pages at least 3 weeks prior to the D-day. The rush is generally not on Christmas but a couple of days before it.

Don’t forget to put up displays in your salon/ spa interior and exterior, clearly showing the deals and offers. Your salon or spa booking page should also be updated to display the Christmas offers. 

Inform customers personally and invite them to visit you through emails and text messages. You can also slip it into your conversations with customers, give the special ones a call, or tell them at the time of checkout. 

All set for a merry Christmas at your salon or spa?

We are sure a lot of customers are already coming to your salon or spa, with Christmas almost here! Being so busy would leave you little time to plan out your Christmas promotions. 

But you need not worry. These Christmas marketing ideas for salons and spas are easy to implement, will benefit your business, help you end 2022 on a positive note, and be all geared up for 2023! 

The right tool can always help you manage your salon or spa better. Appointy’s salon and spa scheduling software will help you get more footfall and help you manage it efficiently, not just during Christmas, but throughout the year!

Do share your experiences with these ideas for your salon and spa Christmas business. 

Wish you a Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅

Merry Christmas

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