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4 Ways a Scheduling Software can Improve your Omnichannel Marketing

About 20 years ago, customers could interact with businesses primarily via three modes of communication: phone, snail-mail, and in-person.

Marketing channels earlier

But things have changed now.

With the power of the Internet at their fingertips, the consumers of today have more options. They can reach out to any business via social media, Google, or even local listings like Yelp!

Omnichannel marketing

If you are a business owner in 2023, creating and maintaining a business presence across all these channels might seem overwhelming. But on the other hand, it’s also an opportunity to capture leads across multiple channels and get more clients for your business.

But in order to make this omnichannel marketing strategy work, you need to provide a consistent experience to clients across all channels.

So how do you achieve that? Well, the answer can be as simple as using an appointment scheduling software.

If you are a service-based business, your marketing cycle probably ends with a booked appointment – which means that for your omnichannel marketing strategy to succeed, you need to have more booked appointments from multiple channels.

And a good appointment booking system can help with this! In this blog, we have curated a list of ways in which an appointment bookings system can help improve your omnichannel marketing.

You can refer to this blog to:

  • Understand the importance of using an appointment scheduler in implementing omnichannel marketing
  • Find out what features to look for while choosing an appointment scheduler that can help with omnichannel marketing
  • Verify if your existing online scheduler has all the right features to help you with omnichannel marketing

How can an appointment booking system help in omnichannel marketing?

Here are 4 ways in which a scheduling software can improve your omnichannel marketing:

1. Converting CTAs on all marketing channels

Many booking softwares let you add a booking CTA on your marketing channels in the form of a booking link or a Book button.

These easy-to-spot action buttons nudge potential customers to book an appointment when they’re at the peak of their interest – thus, maximizing the impact of your marketing campaigns or content.

A few channels where you can add a booking CTA with the help of an online scheduling tool are:

1. Website/ microsite

If you have a website, then you can either add a Book button or embed your online booking page anywhere on the site with the help of a booking software.

Here’s an example of how it can look:

Book button on website example

PS: If you don’t have a website, some booking systems also provide a free microsite or booking page to accept appointments.

2. Google My Business profile

Being the most popular search engine, Google is where most of your clients go to search for your business.

Hence, it should be an important part of your omnichannel marketing approach. Once you create a profile on GMB, a scheduling partner can get your business listed on Reserve with Google so that you can start accepting bookings from there.

After getting listed on RwG, you will get a ‘Book’ button on your GMB profile which will help more people find your business and book appointments with you from Google!

Example of Book Now button on Google My Business

3. Facebook

Being one of the largest global online communities, Facebook is a significant marketing tool.

An appointment scheduler can help you convert your Facebook profile visitors to booked appointments by adding a Book Now button to your business page.

Facebook appointments

4. Instagram

Instagram has evolved from just a photo-sharing app to a sophisticated platform for businesses to create a human connection with their clients.

More and more people have started using Instagram to discover businesses around them and avail their services.

An online scheduling software can help you leverage the marketing potential of this growing platform by letting you add a Book Now button to your Instagram business profile.

You can capture your audience’s interest with a beautiful feed and get them to book an appointment using the simple ‘Book Now’ button on your Instagram profile page.

Book button on Instagram

2. Quick and convenient booking experience

With a booking CTA on each and every channel, your customers can easily book appointments with you whenever they want, and from wherever they want.

Plus it makes the whole process easier. For example, if you add a booking link in your Instagram bio, it’ll open outside Instagram, on a browser. But if you use a Book Now button, it’ll open within the app and deliver a much better booking experience to your customers.

Some omnichannel appointment scheduling software allow customers to autofill information on all channels after their first booking. People might use the same channel to make their bookings in the future, and given the ease, they’re more likely to complete the booking process.

Ease of bookings = Customers more likely to book = More bookings for you

3. A consistent customer experience across all channels

For your omnichannel marketing strategy to succeed, you need to provide simple and similar experiences across all channels.

An omnichannel appointment booking software can help you achieve this with the help of one single booking page to accept appointments from each channel. Some schedulers even allow you to customize your brand logo, theme colors, display pictures, etc. on the booking page to maintain consistency.

Moreover, since most appointment schedulers display real-time availability, you’ll not have to update available time slots across different channels manually.

A unified booking page that views real-time availability will save you lots of time and avoid any miscommunication.

4. Channel-wise analytics

All good marketing strategies work when you analyze their results correctly and use the insights to make informed decisions for future marketing campaigns.

In order to do that, you need the right numbers. A booking system can help you out here.

It can help you track all your appointments and their source, and ultimately, it helps you identify how well a channel is performing in comparison to the others.

You can use these results to make an informed decision and drive your omnichannel marketing strategy in the right direction.

The bottom line

An omnichannel approach to marketing is crucial to stand out in today’s competitive world. And an appointment scheduling software can help you take the first step and form a sustainable omnichannel strategy for your business.

One such appointment management system is Appointy. It facilitates your omnichannel marketing efforts with all the necessary features – along with online scheduling, automated reminders, secure payments, and more!

Schedule a free demo now to know how Appointy can help you with your business’s omnichannel marketing!

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